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It's not that I dislike the Collective Soul version. The two versions are very different, and depending on my mood, I can actually prefer to listen to either one of them. At the end of the day, though, I have to give the prize to Dolly for hearing the bluegrass version buried inside the rock version and teasing it out. That takes big talent. Go Dolly.

- Andrew K, Washington, DC, United States, 22.11.2005

Dolly Parton


Collective Soul

CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Little Sparrow 54 % 46 % CD-Cover: Collective Soul - Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid
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Ran across this song on my computer. Don't know who downloaded it. Was wishing DP was the original. I like it much better. Heard the CS version a couple thousand times too many on the radio.
- CHARLIE, RICHMOND, VA, United States, 13.01.2011
I happen to see a video of Dolly doing this song on one of the country video channels. I liked it right off. Oddly, the video had a title of Shinola and gave Dolly credit for it. I checked and found our she did write a song called Shinola, but it wasn't even close to this one. Both CC & DP versions are great.
- Steve C, Philly, United States, 13.09.2010
Why is Dolly listed as the song writer on her video? I realize she created a new arrangement, but with the same chords, same melody. If Collective Soul originally wrote this song, shouldn't they be credited for writing the song that Dolly covers? Collective Soul did write this song right?
- David, Boston, United States, 09.09.2010
collective soul's version was "that song" for me, i was 15 when i first herd it, so it will always mean something to me.
now i think dolly's version will mean something to another 15 year old 'sigh' a tie :)
- trejrh, tucson, United States, 04.08.2010
I think it's a tie. So I voted for whichever had less votes, to make it nearer to a tie. Ed Roland of Collective Soul wrote a great song. "Shine" is one of those rare timeless hits that will still be good in 20 years from now. I'm amazed that Dolly Parton managed to make the song work for her as a bluegrass version, and it's a GOOD bluegrass song that can stand on its own as a bluegrass song if nobody knew it was a cover of an alternative rock song. I like them both.
- Alex, Mountain View, United States, 11.03.2010
We need an extra button here: TIE.
- MaFe, Minneapolis, United States, 28.08.2009
We need an extra button here: TIE.
- MaFe, Minneapolis, United States, 28.08.2009
The first version was so catchy to begin with, it's JUST A GREAT SONG. That it found second life with more artistry and nuance of meaning through Dolly, who is JUST A GREAT ARTIST only punctuates the first point. It only got better. I say the Dolly version rules!
- johnny, Fishkill, NY, United States, 11.07.2009
Dolly did a great service to this song! While it is certainly true that the CS original is probably better known, Dolly clearly gives "Shine" a bluegrass soul that makes it attractive to a group of people who might not have otherwise took time to listen to the lyrics long enough to figure out what an amazing song this truly is!
- Martini, Saginaw, United States, 13.03.2009
Dolly sounds incredible in this version! What a refreshing take on this awesome Collective Soul classic.
- john, fairfield, ct, United States, 07.03.2009
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