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I love Tori's version,but Stevie will always be my girl!

- Shane Chance, Portland,OR, United States, 25.11.2005

The Smashing Pumpkins


Fleetwood Mac

CD-Cover: The Smashing Pumpkins - Pisces Iscariot 52.3 % 47.7 % CD-Cover: Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac
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Comments about Landslide:

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First of all, Smashing Pumpkins is an entirely different genre and has no business disrespecting one of the greatest bands of all time with this poor attempt at a cover. No one's voice can compare to Stevie Nicks' and no one is capable of putting the amount of emotional energy into this song like she does.
- Savanna , Quebec, Canada, 08.12.2010
Billy does a great cover of landslide. I hate the dixie chicks they are so overrated, they are super annoying.

love the original but when the pumpkins do/did i should say cover this live... it was remarkable. Billy is really an underrated musician from 88 to 2000 but not so much anymore. He doesn't seem to try and be more experimental like when the band was in their peak. Adore, Gish, MCIS, SD four solid albums that all sound different from one another. Hard to do in this day in age.
- B|<, stoney creek, Canada, 08.07.2010
Can't make a call on this one. If I had to pick, I'd go with the Dixie Chicks version (and I don't like country!) I'm not a huge fan of either of these.
- Kimberly, Warner Robins Georiga, United States, 05.07.2010
Personally, the Dixie Chicks version is better!
- katie lou, surrey, bc, Canada, 03.02.2010
Im sorry but Smashing Pumpkins win it for me. In saying that Fleetwood Mac is an amazing band but I cry practically everytime I listen to Billy Corgan AND Whats with people hating on Billy? Dude he's a good singer... I don't get it :s
- Amy, Belfast, Ireland, 11.09.2009
Personally, I loved the Punpkins version.
- jimmysullz, Sydney, Australia, 29.01.2009
personally, i listened to both and corgan's brought me to near tears.
- Kaitlin, New York, United States, 11.01.2009
i love the original for it's sheer unedited rawness i mean it sounds like a lastminute track they hadn't even had enough time to lay down the drums on that came out awesome. the Pumpkins version, not so much. still a great cover
- Texas, unfortunately, United States, 28.08.2008
I've heard at least six covers of this song and I absolutely detested everyone except for Corgan's. He does a great job. I honestly think he's more talented the Nicks, I don't care about those people who have to choose an artist because they're old now and that makes them classis and somehow better, but her version is definitely a better composition. It's so impossible to convey something like that song. It's a difficult cover and I love Corgan for not massacering it like Dixie Chicks, Crow, or Amos did.
- Mat, Salt Lake, United States, 05.08.2008
i hate the cover song of this song. if i don't like Dixie chicks i definitely dont like the smashing pumpkins. but i haven't really heard the fleetwood mac version i still like them better. o welllllllllllllllllllllllll
- lauren, santee, United States, 02.03.2008
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