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A little respect

"A little respect" is a nice song, but the problem is that the original version is way too gay. I mean, you can't sing this song to your girlfriend 'cause she'll think you're gay.
So, the Wheatus version is cool. It's a little punk, and you can sing it with no fear. My vote is with them.

- Dardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26.11.2005




CD-Cover: Wheatus - Wheatus 47.9 % 52.1 % CD-Cover: Erasure - The Innocents
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Comments about A little respect:

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Eric..Honestly...Why does the nationality of Dardo matters? ["as an argentinian, you should know that's not enough for it to be even "a little punk""]...I have listened Wheatus version more than Erasure version, so that's why i like Wheatus the most...=)
- Lalarito, Panamá...tu rass..., Other, 09.03.2007
Dardo,if your gilfriend thinks you're gay, it's not because you're singing to Erasure. Of course the song sounds "gay", have you ever seen Andy Bell perform? But, so what? The song has a catchy beat and simple lyrics vague enough to be widely relatable. The song's a classic,and the Wheathus version does not try enough to reinvent it,honestly i was disappointed when i heard it. All they do is eliminate the keyboard and add a little distortion, as an argentinian, you should know that's not enough for it to be even "a little punk". The cover's a decent effort, so sing your little heart away without fear, homophobe.
- Eric, Miami, United States, 05.03.2007
Wheatus' cover is OK but Erasure's version was far superior, especially the voice. Indeed, a few Erasure songs sound "gayish", not this one in my opinion. Even if it was, it would still remain a good version. Moreover, Erasure is a much more consistent act with many more hits and albums than Wheatus.
- Erwann Le Garrec, Nantes, France, 26.12.2006
the homosexuality isn't important in this occasion, the really important is the best version, in my opinion the Wheatus version is cool and better than Erasure
- Manuela, Colombia, Other - South America, 21.10.2006
They sound the same. THE SAME. Or at least not different enough to really matter.
- Kris, London, England, 07.09.2006
Who are wheatus demanding respect from? Maybe Mummy and daddy wouldn't let them stay up to watch TV. They're freakishly middle aged men trying to be teenagers. Respect to Erasure for keeping it real.
- homo sapiens, London, England, 12.08.2006
Wheatus is totally gay gay gay. If you were to compare Wheatus to Erasure it would be gay and gayer. They are both so ultra-gay. No one will think you are straight from singing to Wheatus.
- Homosexual, Love, United States, 17.06.2006
Dardo you homophobe! The question is "Which version is better?", not "What is your sexuality?". I'm not gay, but I think Freddie Mercury had a good voice. So what if he was an uphill gardener. That's between him and his friends/family/etc. Did it affect you? I wonder..
The Erasure version is more passionate than Wheatus' (should that be Wet-us'?) cover. D
- D-Man, Here, England, 19.03.2006
They're both awesome - so very tough - but the Erasure one brings back family memories, even if the Wheatus version is the slightly superior song IMO.
- Bob, Bobland, England, 03.02.2006
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