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Comfortably Numb

You got to give a band credit for turning a rather beautiful ballad into a balls-out disco rock tune. It took guts. And I totally commend the Scissor Sisters for their unique creation... besides the fact that I adore the band! Anyone who says they don't like this cover just doesn't want to give it a chance.

- Matt, New York, United States, 30.11.2005

Scissor Sisters


Pink Floyd

CD-Cover: Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters 36.5 % 63.5 % CD-Cover: Pink Floyd - The Wall
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Scissor Sisters 2775 Votes Pink Floyd

Comments about Comfortably Numb:

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SS is explicit explanation of PF's beautiful creation.

Just a glimpse:
"By the grace of God and the inspiration of my long dead mother, I am beginning to u understand rage, its consequences, and the role I may have in shedding some light on this subject - despite its unpopularity."

- Other, Other, Other, 20.10.2010
Who will be listening to this in 10 years time? Well, released in January 2004 - I am still listening to The Scissor Sisters Version 6 + years on. And it's still being played on many Radio station in the UK. So I would guess another 3 years won't make a difference and many will still be listening to Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb.
- Ana, York, England, 18.08.2010
SS version absolutely tragic. How could they even dream of destroying the classic original. This is one track that that can never be covered better than Floyd's version. Please leave it alone!
- Andy Mcleod, London, England, 21.05.2010
The Scissor Sisters version is so god damn awful words almost fail me!
- Gareth, Eryrys, Wales, 05.04.2010
Floyd by a large large margin, how on earth the voting has been so close is beyond me. A disco spin on the cover seems completely incongruent with the sadness in the original, and what is this song without THE guitar solo.
- Chris, Bristol, England, 27.01.2010
My gosh that modern version is trash! Pink Floyd - this song is theirs without doubt! Why take something like pork pie and stuff sushi or curry into it?
- Mike, Hamilton, New Zealand, 17.10.2009
i despise this version..its nasty and deliberate..either they knew that young people are STUPID which they are..or its taking the piss...tht song os about syd barett.genius musician but tragic..also pf's old mate..jeez..its like playing disco at someones funeral.its meant to be slow and sombre..what got me was seeing it on UK TV all thse idiots cahnting along with it..dod they bother to lsten to the words? naaah..STUPID and NASTY...
- bob chewter, london, England, 09.10.2009
The Scissor Sisters version is a prime example of bastardisation and how or why in the hell Gilmore et al gave license for it is beyond concievable!
- Griffin, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, 28.05.2009
This cover actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be but it sucks compared to the original. The reason for this is nobody can cover any Pink Floyd song - especially this one - and even possibly make it better or even come close to touching it. Pink Floyd's music and legacy will live forever and anyone who tries to recreate their music in any way is wasting their time.
- Brad, ..., United States, 01.04.2009
while I am writing this the score is ONLY 56% for PINK FLOYD!! this is amazin!! like other people have written B4, who will listen the S.S. version in 10 years?????? Im sure I will keep on listening Pink Floyd, like my parents did, and hopefully like my sons will do...
- negrek, madrid, Spain, 21.01.2009
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