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To Have And To Have Not

Lars has an actual band behind him, whereas with Billy it's just him and his electric guitar. Sorry Billy.....

- X, Nbpt, United States, 04.12.2005

Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards


Billy Bragg

CD-Cover: Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards - Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards 47 % 53 % CD-Cover: Billy Bragg - Back To Basics
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Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards 468 Votes Billy Bragg

Comments about To Have And To Have Not:

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Billy Bragg is the original.
American is about 200 years old and over that short period of time has built no culture.
You cant just say a song is better than another just because it is less relevant to you.
Billy Bragg is a genius and you are simply stupid and ignorant if you think that Lars cover is a better song.

- Liam, London, United States, 10.11.2008
much more powerful with a punk guitar!old song but the theme is still actual!
- Gigio, Sardegna, Italy, 18.09.2008
I like both but Billy is just best. It's him and his guitar but it sounds like it's an entire band! That's what Billy Bragg IS... "Just because you're better than me doesn't mean I'm lazy!"
- Moviol@, Firenze, Italy, 13.04.2008
- Skabooby, Manchester, England, 08.12.2007
Sorry Lars, it's a great cover, but Bragg is my fave. =]
- Leah, Llandudno, Wales, 03.12.2007
i like both musicians and have their album's...but the bragg-myster gets my adrenaline goin when i first hear his songs...s'gotta be billy
- ethan quayle, lincoln, England, 03.12.2007
Fuck Lars, must respect the Bragg
- James, Edmonton, Canada, 23.10.2007
this is an awsome song done by lars to me it means alot and lars did it the best
- Barstad, parry sound, Canada, 23.10.2007
Just so you know Jezzer, Lars is into radical politics aswell
- Drew, Toms River, United States, 06.10.2007 original. The song, played at the same tempo, with drums and loud guitars. Hmmmm...creative.
- Sean, Bend, United States, 07.06.2007
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