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Let's put it this way, Op.I. are gods of ska-punk. It's a shame they couldn't build on their album and make more music. But then we wouldn't have Rancid.... you can't always get what you want I guess. Green Day's version isn't fast enough for me, it's more of a slow jam recorded live at Op.I.'s old stomping grounds, Gilman Street. A nice tribute but nowhere near better than the original.

- X, Nbpt, United States, 04.12.2005

Green Day


Operation Ivy

CD-Cover: Green Day - 1039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours 49.7 % 50.3 % CD-Cover: Operation Ivy - Energy
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Green Day 983 Votes Operation Ivy

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I gave my vote to Operation Ivy. This song should go to the holders. Not a bunch of posers.

I will say that I used to like Green Day but after dookie its kind of a downhill. Warming up to the cattle I guess.

Green day had a lot of potential but that was lost a long time ago. Over Produced????

- unknown2, roanoke, United States, 05.03.2011
Operation Ivy is much more better
- Sergey, St. Petersburg, Other - Europe, 21.02.2011
Not even a contest....
- P ranks, sligo, Ireland, 16.06.2010
Green Day is my favorite band, but the Op Ivy version is better I think, because it rocks much more ;-) \m/
- Billie Joe ;-), Barby, Germany, 22.03.2010
i feel green day are better. sorz, green day just does it for me
- Green Dayzee, Isle Of Wight, England, 03.12.2009
Hallo :)
- Moinsen, Town^^, United States, 23.05.2008
Green Days version is a bit slower i think, but it's still good..but the original Op Ivy is always better,Green Day is my favorite band and they got me into Op Ivy and Rancid and The Ramones and The Clash...even though Green Day isn't punk, they're still #1 for me...
- Nela, Split, Croatia, 17.05.2008
I'm embarrassed that Green Day is winning, Op Ivy is so much better it's not even funny.
- Tom Sawyer, Ballsville, United States, 18.02.2008
The Aquabats did the best cover of this song - as a campfire singalong.
But of the choices - Operation Ivy are better.
- Wil, Hastings, England, 02.01.2008
always op ivy - the best band around fuck billy armstrong and his sell out ways - lint you are god
- manc on tour, manchester, England, 20.12.2007
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