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Both are pretty good, but NoFX changes the ending and I don't like that.

- X, Nbpt, United States, 07.12.2005




CD-Cover: NoFX - BYO Split Series Vol. 3 41.5 % 58.5 % CD-Cover: Rancid - Rancid (2000)
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NoFX 313 Votes Rancid

Comments about Antennas:

Nofx is the best band in the world of the punk rock, rancid are good but they do not come to them not to the heels
- ailen, buenos aires, Argentina, 10.04.2009
nofx is the best band in the world's punk rock
- barbara, buenos aires, Argentina, 10.04.2009
I myself like the original better, but both are pretty good =)
- Sara, Ottawa, Canada, 12.12.2006
NOFX absolutely obliterrated all of the Rancid songs they covered on this spilit - which came as no suprise from the four punk geniuses themselves! Rancid covered NOFX ok too but didn't really do much for them!
- Al DUbley, Nr Manchester, England, 18.09.2006
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