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The version by The Corrs sets you in the mood that fits to this song. Really a great cover! The Corrs have brought Dreams to perfection.

- Marcus Schnürer, Fulda, Deutschland, 12.12.2005

The Corrs


Fleetwood Mac

CD-Cover: The Corrs - Talk on Corners 45.9 % 54.1 % CD-Cover: Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
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Comments about Dreams:

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I think that Lindsey Buckingham would thing that the Corrs version is everything they aspired to in creating the song, but never quite got. The Corrs version is truly dreamy, Fleetwood Mac's is wonderful but does not quite have the imaginative dimension that the Corrs version has.
- Pierce, Toronto, Canada, 03.04.2007
Even the members of Fleetwood Mac have said that the Corrs' version is better than theirs.
- Larry, Scottsville, Virginia, United States, 03.04.2007
I heart The Corrs verion <3
- Sarahleigh, Walsall, England, 03.04.2007
It was a great song to start with, but the corrs managed to add an extra dimension and some body to the song. By the time they had finished with it, it was fantastic. The collaboration at the Albert Hall with Mick Fleetwood was not only the the icing on the cake but the endorsement needed by Fleetwood Mac that they appove and support the cover by the Corrs. If you haven't seen that, maybe you should. Buy the dvd from for £13.99
- Jane, Sheffield, England, 03.04.2007
Love the Corrs' version <3
- Lisa, Melbourne, Australia, 03.04.2007
It's a great makeover by the Corrs. They enhanced everything that is good about this song without ruining it. A success!
- Tess, Lisbon, Portugal, 02.04.2007
Great update by the Corrs. This was the only song from the Fleetwood Mac tribute album worthy of the name. Check out the live performance with Mick Fleetwood on the Royal Albert Hall DVD.
- bigshew, Chicago, United States, 02.04.2007
Are you kidding me???!!!
The Corrs just managed to ruin a extremely qgood song just by doing a cover of it...pfff..
- Katherine Goguen, Toronto, Canada, 11.11.2006
Psh, they should have known to stay well away from this song... this is an all-time greatest songs EVER by ANYONE song, the corrs fell on their stupid faces. Deservedly. Hands off our Stevie!!!
- Lee, Sydney, Australia, 17.03.2006
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