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The Great Pretender

That is a difficult decision. Without doubt a great Freddie Mercury against the charm of the original. An awesome song in two awesome versions. I think the version by The Platters is a little bit better.

- Henry, Großburschla, Deutschland, 18.12.2005

Freddie Mercury


The Platters

CD-Cover: Freddie Mercury - Freddie Mercury Album 61.2 % 38.8 % CD-Cover: The Platters - Best Of The Platters
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Freddie Mercury 1151 Votes The Platters

Comments about The Great Pretender:

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The Platters version is wonderful. Clean and simple. But Freddie, with his natural showmanship and superior voice, puts this contest out of reach. The world misses you Freddie.
To Rash and Farookh(who used Freddie's real name): your comments are childish and irrelevant. Grow up.
- George, Cambridge, Canada, 11.12.2007
The Great Pretender With The Platters is forever !
- José Antônio Oliveira, Petrópolis, Brazil, 10.11.2007
I hope that Rash from Chicago is joking, or that he has drunk a bit too much, or that he is 3 years old...
if none he is a fucking asshole and doesn't even know what music means, and he can't understand that Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest singer in all the fuckin' history!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Farookh Bulsara, Zanzibar, Other, 25.08.2007
The Platers is the best!
Very best!
- Ivan Mello, Petrópolis, Brazil, 12.08.2007
The Platers is the best!
Very best!
- Ivan Mello, Petrópolis, Bulgaria, 12.08.2007
Even with the Platters´ charm, Nobody could denie that Freddie´s version is much more better!

Have you ever watched the video?It´s really amazing!

Freddie´s the realy show man...
- David, São Paulo, Brazil, 24.04.2007
When I first heard this cover I wished somebody killed Freddie. It wasn't necessary after all.
- Rash, Chicago, United States, 24.02.2007
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