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Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)

This classic song gets even more power in this version by KoRn. KoRn blows all the dust away, which has been accumulated since 1979!

- Rocko, Nürnberg, Deutschland, 15.02.2006



Pink Floyd

CD-Cover: KoRn - Greatest Hits 23.6 % 76.4 % CD-Cover: Pink Floyd - The Wall
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KoRn 2609 Votes Pink Floyd

Comments about Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2):

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I think the Korn version sounded soulless and flat compared to the original.
- Ben, Canberra, Australia, 03.10.2007
I hate them both!
- Rabagast, Bergen, Norway, 25.09.2007
WOW! You guys are pathetic. Did you come on to this site JUST to Bash KoRn? It seems like none of you have EVER listened to KoRn. Or learned how to spell for that matter. Do everybody a favor: lock yourselves inside your houses, turn on Pink Floyd, and just listen to it and talk about how much KoRn sucks 'til you die. Everybody wins.
- Joseph Karr, Alexandria, United States, 07.08.2007
Well, I'm prejusticed being a metalfan :-). Yet I'm undecided - both versions are great - they just show different facets of a great song.
- Ferrulus, Hessigheim, Germany, 02.08.2007
The Korn version is a shame for the music. I realy think they don't understand the song. Maybe Pink Floyd are too intelligent and too talented to be understood by such fools like Korn and others like them. This means the machine works and sadly smashes all the kids who follow any idiot opinion of valueless artists. Can't you see the System is working? Can you recognize the Teachers? You're insulting the best band ever and one of my favourite songs. Shame on you!
Long live Pink Floyd!
- Diana, Sulina, United States, 04.07.2007
i was pleasantly surprised by the korn version, but i love the original. team pink floyd!
- Belle, Canberra, Australia, 05.06.2007
u suck man get a life rather than tell us punks wat 2 do man f*** off
- xlan, london, England, 21.05.2007
korn sucks. PINK FLOYD $ LIFE that is directed at all gays against pink floyd. David gilmour, Roger waters could beat the crad out o' Korn.
- jeff bogoigb, westfield, United States, 03.05.2007
I found the Korn are great, but the original song is the best
- Charlie, Gioia del Colle, BA, United States, 04.04.2007
Pink Floyd version is the best
- noebenjamin, wannajuato, Mexico, 29.03.2007
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