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We will rock you

Best cover I know.

- Paulo, Lisboa, Portugal, 19.02.2006




CD-Cover: Warrant - The Best of Warrant 17.9 % 82.1 % CD-Cover: Queen - News of the World
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Warrant 1915 Votes Queen

Comments about We will rock you:

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I actually like the pumping Warrant version better (i.e. it "rocks me" more), but the original is also good and original is original!
- V, Copenhagen, Germany, 20.12.2007
hahahaha i made a comment and queen is better............................................. lama........................
- tommy, welland, Canada, 30.10.2007
When did warrant last play Live Aid? I am sorry, but no one should touch this. At least it was better than 5ive's version (although they did have Brian May...)
Leave things alone! ARGH!
- Jake, Devon, England, 23.07.2007
what about john farnham and queen vs queen
- David Gill, Brisbane, Australia, 13.06.2007
what about john farnham and queen vs queen
- David Gill, Brisbane, Brazil, 13.06.2007
Is this a joke?
- Magnetikuz, santiago, Chile, 27.04.2007
Like Vanilla Ice, whoever voted for Warrant should be hunted down & shot like a dog in the street (ahem, "Paulo, Lisboa, Portugal, 19.02.2006" - this must be the only cover you know of). For a straight band, Warrant is way gayer than Queen.
- SammyDKat, Los Angeles, United States, 14.03.2007
Warrants version is alright, but no one can or should try and attempt to cover Queen.
- Phill, Milton Keynes, England, 15.01.2007
Everyone who votes for Warrant please report to gas chamber
- Super Dave, New Roads, LA, United States, 14.01.2007
Original is so perfect that can not be covered.
- 1&only, Belgrade, Serbia, 20.10.2006
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