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Tweeter and the Monkey Man

It's perhaps unfair to try and compare the two versions, with The Headstones high-energy punk metal aiming for a different acheivement than Bob Dylan's mumbled introspective. Yet I remain a fan of the Headstones hard rock version, putting plenty of high energy into the lyrics (Hugh Dillon's raspy growl says the word "hell" like no one else). Tonally the cover stays pretty close to the original, though the notes are not always the same. The lyrics receive a few alterations: for the Headstones, their hometown of Kingston is where everything is legal, and the last three verses are condensed down to two.

- Lars Ormberg, Edmonton, Canada, 25.09.2005

The Headstones


The Travelling Wilburys

CD-Cover: The Headstones - Picture of Health 56.6 % 43.4 % CD-Cover: The Travelling Wilburys - The Travelling Wilburys, Vol. 1
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Further information about song and bands:

The Traveling
Nice site about The Traveling Wilburys. Discography, photos, lyrics, tabs and a comprehensive FAQ about the band.
The Headstones Fanpage about The Headstones. The Canadian band is introduced and all albums are reviewed briefly. More information you can find at the official site.

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The Headstones were such a great band! It's really a pity they don't exist anymore. I think they were the best Canadian band.
- Jean, Montreal, Canada, 20.10.2005
For those who are not so familiar with The Traveling Wilburys the band consists of the superstars George Harrison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison. They had never played live together, but recorded two studio albums.

- Michael, Hamburg, Germany, 09.10.2005
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