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Groove Coverage should be put in prison for such an acustic cruelty they did with their cover version of Poison!

- Marty Lang, WildWestAllgäu, Deutschland, 05.12.2006

Groove Coverage


Alice Cooper

CD-Cover: Groove Coverage - Poison 46.6 % 53.4 % CD-Cover: Alice Cooper - Trash
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Groove Coverage 2029 Votes Alice Cooper

Comments about Poison:

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They both rule. I like the original best.
- Mads, Sonderborg, Denmark, 20.11.2007
Alice cooper shows his genius in Poison. The song is well played by his band and the lyrics strike right. The vocals Alice adds give the song its edge. Remixing is just a way no-talents make money.
- Scary Terry, Houston, United States, 22.10.2007
Love the song Poison...
Even though my favorite edition is with Hayseed Dixie, Alice Cooper is still one of the best artists ever to walk on this earth...
- Luke, Nørrebro, Denmark, 29.09.2007
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!this is possibly the worst cover ever!!!!who would have had the insane idea to turn a rock song into that dance shit???
- taza, griffith, Australia, 21.06.2007
YEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Alice Cooper! This was 1989 when "Trash" came out and I have to tell you I will go to a place called "Amoeba Records" right here in L.A. just near our KTLA studios and I will pull it out right away if I find it. So, I'll be looking out for you, Mr. Cooper! But anyway, I like this song and it kicks ass!!! YESSS! It really does and they'll be more "Poison" days to come because if I hear it someday.... I won't tell you that but the next time you hear this song, let me tell you that I'm gonna say "Hey Stoopid! IT'S ALICE COOPER!".
- Bobby Delaney, Norwalk, California, United States, 22.05.2007
I disagree, I think the Groover Coverage version is superior. And so does 40% of the votes.
- Dan, Tucson, United States, 09.05.2007
How can groove coverage think to do a dance version of a rock song?!?
- Charlie, Gioia del Colle, BA, Italy, 04.04.2007
Cooper for the win. To hell with the pretenders.
- Jesse, Prince George, Canada, 11.01.2007
Nothing can beat the original of this song. Alice Cooper is a genius and no one can take that away.
- Sara, Ottawa, Canada, 12.12.2006
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