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Bohemian Rhapsody

Although this is one of the best songs ever written - by Queen or anyone, once I heard Bruce Dickinson singing this as a tribute to Freddy Mercury (Bruce is better known as singer from "Iron Maiden") I was spellbound. It is a more operatic version of it, with a soprana singing some of Freddie's lines, but some of the notes that Bruce hits, make me feel like I died and went to heaven. Every person I play this too thinks the same.

- Moebius, Adelaide, Australia, 22.07.2007

Montserrat Caballe and Bruce Dickinson



CD-Cover: Montserrat Caballe and Bruce Dickinson - Friends for Life 26.4 % 73.6 % CD-Cover: Queen - A Night at the Opera
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bruce is the best
- roby, genova, Italy, 25.11.2007
It is a very good version indeed. Bruce gives a very personal tone to the song by not using Mercury's beautiful falsettos. I do personally prefer Axl's version (with Elton John at the Freddie Mercury Tribune Concert in 92') though.
- Sérgio Roberto Guedes Reis, São Paulo, Brazil, 05.08.2007
queen is the only answer
- blake.h, Toronto, Canada, 02.08.2007
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