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Nothing Compares 2 U

Although Prince didn't record it until AFTER Sinead's version became a smash hit (he penned the song), Sinead would have outdone him anyway. It's that good.

- Matt, New York, United States, 14.10.2005



Sinead O'Connor

CD-Cover: Prince - Hits 1 40.1 % 59.9 % CD-Cover: Sinead O'Connor - I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
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It's true that Prince wrote this song and The Family were the first ones to record it. O'Connor's version is really good but in my opinion the version on Prince's Album and the live-version together with Rosie Gaines is much better than O'Connor's version of the song.
- Rizzi, Cologne, Germany, 10.01.2006
Hey Guys,
Actually the Family's version was recorded & released before O'Conner's. Prince wrote, arranged & produced the tune for the Family. He also played various instruments on the entire record, & it was recorded at his studio.
I'm partial to the original, but I do think O'Conner did a great job as well. I don't recall ever hearing the version on Price's album, but the original is essentially a Prince tune...know what I mean?
- T. Annis, Salem, Mass., USA, Other, 26.10.2005
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