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Twist and Shout

Shamefully, I only recently found out that the version I love was that recorded by The Beatles. I wondered which one all of you prefered.

Edit by admin: I've just read at that the original was recorderd by a band called The Top Notes in 1961. But the song became popular by the Isley Brothers.

- Alex, London, England, 16.11.2007

The Beatles


The Isley Brothers

CD-Cover: The Beatles - Please Please Me 73.2 % 26.8 % CD-Cover: The Isley Brothers - Shake It Up, Baby: Shout, Twist and Shout
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Comments about Twist and Shout:

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You can't compare the singing of the Beatles to that of the Isley Brothers. The Isley's give this song power, excitement, and sexuality that the Beatles never were able to pull off.
- Tom, East Islip, United States, 06.01.2010
The Isley Brothers version is much better, Ronald Isley tore the vocals up on this one and the music is far better as well.
- Milton, Dallas, United States, 30.09.2009
I like both versions. I only remember the beatles version when I was a kid, but when I heard the Isleys version, I thought it sounded really cool. The Beatles has a better "Rock n Roll" sound while the Isleys have a better uptempo R & B Pop groove. Both versions are best in there own right.
- George, Toronto, Canada, 03.09.2009
John Lennon dominates this song. period.
- Kevin Eubanks, Burbank, CA, United States, 24.08.2009
What is this crap?!? Yeah, The Beatles were good, but The Isley Brothers' original KILLS their cover. There isn't even really a contest, people just are obsessed with The Beatles and can't accept that their version sucks in comparison.
- Ethan, Stillwater, United States, 09.06.2009
The Isley Brothers version wasn't the original!! The original version was made by the Top Notes in 1961, one year before the Isley Brothers made their version.

That said, the production of the Isley Brothers' version is by far the best, because their phenomenal showmanship and musicianship shows through. The Beatles version is, and always will be, a pale imitation.
- Marc, Seattle, United States, 31.03.2009
- Mads, Sønderborg, Denmark, 30.03.2009
With very few exceptions, The Beatles cover versions of other people's songs are much, much better than the originals - especially Long Tall Sally and Rock 'n' Music" and Twist And Shout.
- Martin, London, England, 16.02.2009
I prefer the Beatles version.
- Jenny, Rockville, United States, 27.12.2008
I love the Beatles - however their covers of American classic rock and roll can't compare to the originals. The Isley version is a far better dance tune - love the Latin tinged horn work.
- Doug, New Hampshire, United States, 18.12.2008
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