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Turn the Beat Around

Gloria Estefan does a very good job doing her cover of Robinson's disco hit. In fact,Even Robinson herself liked it when she heard it.

- Bryan Tremblay, Santa Barbara, United States, 19.11.2005

Gloria Estefan


Vicki Sue Robinson

CD-Cover: Gloria Estefan - Turn the Beat Around [CD-SINGLE] [EP] 54.2 % 45.8 % CD-Cover: Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn The Beat Around: Great Disco Hits
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Gloria Estefan 1003 Votes Vicki Sue Robinson

Comments about Turn the Beat Around:

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- For Vickie: Ten points.
- Aaand fooor Glooria: Nonpoint. And here in Finland we are laughing and dying, he he...
- Erkki, Hellsinki, Finland, 18.10.2007
Yeah, well - Gloria's version is not as good as VICKI SUE ROBINSON's. Gloria's comes across as calculated and cold, while VICKI's remains fresh, inspiring and an uplifting anthem. RIP Vicki - we love you forever! Ditto Nicolette Larson & Laura Branigan.
- Hugo, Houston, United States, 09.08.2007
Gloria Estefan should hang her head in shame. VSR was just being nice.
- Vanessa, SF, United States, 25.07.2007
It would be nice to place a picture of Vicki Sue Robinson in all fairness. I think the original is better. If it were not for the original, the cover would not have been thought of.
- TC, Chicago, United States, 21.03.2006
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