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Sympathy For the Devil

Both good but Guns n' Roses has slash and is amazin guitar solo while keith richards isn't very outgoing in this track.
Both have annoying singers but gotta say that axl rose does better. And with the higher bass frequencies ,thanks to Duff with his high treble bass sounds, it also makes it sound fuller and more dynamic.

- Adrian Richards, New York, United States, 29.12.2005

Guns n' Roses


The Rolling Stones

CD-Cover: Guns n' Roses - Greatest Hits 56.5 % 43.5 % CD-Cover: The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet
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Guns n' Roses 3410 Votes The Rolling Stones

Comments about Sympathy For the Devil:

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Axl voice is boring?, what-- really people u will never sign liek him if hes got a bad voice my voice worths 1 dollar.. slash solo is cool, this version is really cool nd rocks, gnr version, they give the song an agressive rythm, i like the rolling stones original version, but its too slow for me, gnr WON THIS ROUND nd every round they play...
- Navier, Santa Fe, Argentina, 07.02.2011
Fucking retarded gen Y'er t-baggers. Tin ears and shit for brains.
- ZackBauer, Boston, United States, 28.09.2010
The Guns N' Roses version isn't a bad cover, but the main problem I have with it is that it doesn't really feel like anything. When I listen to the Stones' version, I can picture them on stage, I can see Mick strutting about, I really feel the imagery, but the Guns N' Roses version, just seems very... studio-y. There isn't that same raw quality to it. But it's not a BAD cover by any means.
- Alice, Devizes, England, 24.04.2010
Guns N' Roses to me is like a projection of the Rolling Stones 30 years into the scope. Louder, faster, more volatile but pretty much the same musical path. No to trivialize GNR in any way... if anything they were a better version of the stoner attitude at the end of the 20th century. The fact that Izzy and Ronnie Wood look so much alike doesn't help either.
- Eduardo, Chicago, United States, 03.04.2010
Both versions I think are freakin' awsome. I am a guitarist with one year's experence. I think Slash's solos on this are damn good, and I know damn good solos. I also like Axl's voice better than Mick's, but they're both talented. The one thing the Stones have the edge on is the very creative drum beats, and that they wrote the lyrics. I picked Guns 'n' Roses whose my 4th favorite band
- Nathan, Mercersburg, United States, 31.01.2010
I voted for GNR i just dont like the voice in the song from rolling stones...:P
- Fabio999, Voorburg, Netherlands, 01.01.2010
I voted for GNR on Live and Let Die and Knocking on Heaven's Door. This song however... NO!
- MaFe, Minneapolis, United States, 28.08.2009
I voted for GNR on Live and Let Die and Knocking on Heaven's Door. This song however... NO!
- MaFe, Minneapolis, United States, 28.08.2009
look, i love both of them, but GNR has always been my band. They kicked this songs ass. Sorry Rolling Stones
- Andrew Castillo, Houston, Texas, United States, 21.04.2009
The best version of S.F.T.D., was by Bryan Ferry from the album 'These foolish Things'; give it an ear!
- JP, Plymouth, England, 11.11.2008
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