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Ring of Fire

The German band H-Blockx versus Johnny Cash! The original by Cash is a real classic and THE Cash-song par excellence. But the H-Blockx version has also lots of power in it. So my vote goes to the H-Blockx.

- Philip Ernszt, Kaufbeuren, Deutschland, 11.01.2009



Johnny Cash

CD-Cover: H-Blockx - More Than A Decade: Best Of H-Blockx 13.4 % 86.6 % CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - Very Best of Johnny Cash
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H-Blockx 1928 Votes Johnny Cash

Comments about Ring of Fire:

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how can you even try to cover a johnny cash song (YouTube to MP3)
- j-rhymz, shit springs, United States, 29.05.2011
vince vaughn greatest actor ever
- Garnet Pickerdham, Oshawa, United States, 04.11.2010
Social D is much better. but h-blockx rocks too!
- Igor, Belém, Brazil, 18.09.2010
I'm with Mike from Cincinnati on this one. Social D's version is fantastic and a better cover as Drew Davis pointed out.
- Gerhard, Westerville, United States, 30.03.2010
Johnny Cash popularized the song and his version is good, but it is also a cover. The original Ring of Fire was recorded by Anita Carter in 1962.
- Drew, Davis, United States, 04.02.2010
Social Distortions cover is better than H blockx, so I don't know why it wasn't chosen instead.
- Mike, Cincinnati, United States, 28.01.2010
simply put nobody can beat the man in black
- a, b, United States, 04.11.2009
If there's a Cash cover I like it's Blitzkid's version of "I Walk the Line". But Cash's still Cash no matter what.
- Andy, Belém, Brazil, 10.09.2009
Hello, his name is Jonhny Cash!
- Marabyte, Porto, Portugal, 06.08.2009
Comparing a John R. original to a cover by any band whatsoever is kind of like comparing Michelangelo's original "David" to a cheesy replica in a home garden store.
- Crescent City, Blues, United States, 29.07.2009
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