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Havana Affair

John Frusciante is one of rare guitar players who is able to have all the Ramones energy without sound of full distortion. Atmosphere of cover is more psychodelic and closer to the actual theme of the song as it is about the cold war and this kind of psychodelia is just what this song needed. Of course, I think original is a punk-rock holy grail, but in this case student beats the teacher. rhcp 4ever

- Å ebek, Rijeka, Croatia, 01.01.2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers


The Ramones

CD-Cover: Red Hot Chili Peppers - We're A Happy Family 58.5 % 41.5 % CD-Cover: The Ramones - The Ramones
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Red Hot Chili Peppers 2883 Votes The Ramones

Comments about Havana Affair:

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red hot chili peppers wannabees ?....
rhcp 4 ever and the ramones are cool too.
- Guus, Venray, Netherlands, 06.08.2007
end quote

damn you man!!!!!the ramones were around ages before the chili peppers!how can you say that the ramones are wannabees????damn you!!!!
- Krumpinjugger, Sydney, Australia, 11.04.2008
I voted RHCP a few weeks ago but have been listening to the song more often. The ramones now take my vote.
- The man, New york, United States, 07.03.2008
I'm a huuuge RHCP fan, and I like their song better.
- Eva, Herentals, Belgium, 28.02.2008
The Ramones :D, but RHCP get my respect. :)
- Carloz, Atlanta, United States, 24.01.2008
im a ramones fan
and a RHCP fan
and i like both
but i think that the ramones version is alot better
Its all good
- gram?, Mountain View, United States, 21.01.2008
I'm glad an eleven year old knows SO much about music. Seriously kid go drink your juice and shut up Ramones are better though in my opinion
- Jim, Rome, United States, 20.01.2008
RHCP totaly made this song be music. i first saw them play it at slane castle, so i came back home, with this feeling :"what is that new song?? so i ran an internet search, saw the ramones do play it and totaly realised what what Peppers made out of an old "hit"
- max, belgrade, Serbia, 06.01.2008
RHCPs Havana Affair rendition deserves salutations of emulations of congratulations for beating the stipulations of all the bastions of congregations.
- Mazzymust, Dapitan, Spain, 07.10.2007
At least respect RHCP I like both...
- John Cortes, Texas, United States, 18.09.2007
I think that RHCP is better 'couse it's more melodic, but Ramones are better 'couse original vesion is stronger, full of "punk energy". I heard both of them and in my opinion both bands are great- in RHCP you can hear some kind of soft and there is their all histroy, did anybody read AK autobiography, or book called "Kalifornizacja"? Well, "Kalifornizacja" is written by Polish reporter...So RHCP, my favourite band 4 ever, Ramones...I like them
- Dorothy, Gdańsk, Poland, 20.08.2007
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