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Havana Affair

John Frusciante is one of rare guitar players who is able to have all the Ramones energy without sound of full distortion. Atmosphere of cover is more psychodelic and closer to the actual theme of the song as it is about the cold war and this kind of psychodelia is just what this song needed. Of course, I think original is a punk-rock holy grail, but in this case student beats the teacher. rhcp 4ever

- Å ebek, Rijeka, Croatia, 01.01.2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers


The Ramones

CD-Cover: Red Hot Chili Peppers - We're A Happy Family 58.5 % 41.5 % CD-Cover: The Ramones - The Ramones
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I prefer the live RHCP version far better than the studio, but the original RAMONES blows em both out of the water... cant beat the ramones... hats of to RHCP for being cool enough to respect.
- slick, Milwaukee, WI, United States, 25.12.2010
I like them both. Ramones are awesome, but the RHCP version has to get my vote. They took a good song and put a twist on it, which is more than most bands do in cover versions. Besides, it's not my favorite Ramones song to begin with.
- The Stork, Knoxville, United States, 02.11.2009
I love the raw energy the ramones display in their music, it's completely unique and as far as punk goes, they will always be at the top. but on this particular song i like how it sounds when slowed down and played with less distortion. Plus Anthony Kiedis is one of my favorite vocalists. no disrespect to the ramones but i gotta go with rhcp on this one, great cover.
- jared, bellingham, United States, 15.04.2009
Dear god, I'm sorry. I love RHCP, but...Ramones always had an energy that could never be touched. I really think the cover sucks incredibly. That just ruined RHCP for me a little bit.
- Brina, Tulsa, United States, 25.03.2009
I'm sorry but the Ramones just have that something and you can feel it in their music. Their scene was something real and original and rebellious just in what they were doing and I think their song just has a hell of alot more energy. RHCP are good, but you can't touch that shit! That's why it's called a tribute, kids.
- The Queen , Fort Wayne, IN, United States, 04.02.2009
Well, RHCP did it as a tribute, they're not trying to be better than original, or to make more sales than the original.
- Don, Bathurst, Australia, 22.10.2008
Ramones are gods, RHCP are freakin' chodes. The RHCP version blows. Jeez louise.
- intybinty, Chicago, United States, 31.07.2008
I don't know about the studio version, but RHCP did the song live at Slane Castle and you can't touch that. It's absolutely incredible. Blows the original out of the water. But out of the two studio versions, it's a toss up between the Ramones and RHCP.
- Rock, Where ever the Navy takes me, United States, 21.07.2008
RHCP are the greatest fucking band of all time. any cover they have ever done or will do is better than the original!

but the ramones r good 2.
- JJ c, philly, United States, 18.05.2008
Holy mackerel the RHCP version SUCKS SO BAD! I just shot my brains out listening to this absolutely horrid shit on youtube. THIS SONG IS MEANT TO BE UNDER TWO MINUTES! IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE 5 FUCKING MINUTES OF MASTURBATION AND CRYING!

Now I am dead. Thanks, RHCP, you fucking losers.
- Chinga, Austin, United States, 12.04.2008
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