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Dynamite Hack's folk-rock cover of this hardcore rap song is a comedic gem, in addition to being incredibly catchy.

- dave, Dallas, TX, United States, 09.01.2006

Dynamite Hack



CD-Cover: Dynamite Hack - Superfast 47.8 % 52.2 % CD-Cover: N.W.A - N.W.A and the Posse
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this shit right here nigga
- fatty, stl, United States, 17.10.2007
jen needs to stop hating and get up on things.
- g-nick, harlem, United States, 14.08.2007
jen needs to stop hating and get up on things.
- g-nick, harlem, United States, 14.08.2007
sorry for my comments earlier, jen. calling you a cunt was super harsh. i have grown to love dynamite hack's cover and recently came out of the closet, yo. im a fucking gay fag from canada, and i love being gangsta, eh...
- Mark, Whitby, Canada, 21.06.2007
Well I grew up listening to NWA and they, among others in Cali revived rap/ hip-hop as an art form. kind of showing the world that the west coast was capable of turning out some better shit than what they were doing in NY. gangsta rap sure beats the hell out of the crunk bling bling bullshit that they are making now. and as far as the dynamite H cover it was a cool tribute to all of us whitey mofos out there who related to the whole gangsta rap movement. it must have sucked for D.H. to have not only the one hit wonder, but a one hit wonder as a cover song.
- teuffelhunden, fresno, ca, United States, 04.06.2007
dynamite hack was just trying to be cool. the nwa version was better. R.I.P. eazy e.
- kevin, san bernardino, california, United States, 27.05.2007
RIP EZ. Some of you commenters are wayyyyyyy to serious about this. I like Hack's version. He's just bringing the Ganstas rap to more people using a different style. So stop being a h8er.
Vulger da klown
- EDDIE RICO, San Bernardino, CA, United States, 25.04.2007
The cover is by far the better,simply because of its comedic value and its easy listening. Sure you can listen to the original but it gets old after 2-3 times, and sounds like other songs. The cover sounds more "original" because of the lyrics mixed with the style. Most of the people that hate are putting Dynamite hack down, are probably offended by it because of how its making fun of the original, more than not liking it.
- Jay, Atlanta, United States, 17.04.2007
Nwa suck
- jzi, brooklyn, United States, 11.04.2007
Nwa suck
- jzi, brooklyn, United States, 11.04.2007
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