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Dynamite Hack's folk-rock cover of this hardcore rap song is a comedic gem, in addition to being incredibly catchy.

- dave, Dallas, TX, United States, 09.01.2006

Dynamite Hack



CD-Cover: Dynamite Hack - Superfast 47.8 % 52.2 % CD-Cover: N.W.A - N.W.A and the Posse
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Comments about Boyz-N-The-Hood:

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dynamite hack is fucking gay and so ar eany of you fags that voted for it. and yo fuck yo to that stupid cunt jen. gangsta rap is stale and pointless. but dynamite hack is fresh and innovative? fuck none of these fags know anything about music.
Everyone from boston is fucking retarded. fuck you fags.
- Mark, Whitby, Canada, 29.03.2007
The original is aweful. Cover is a clear choice in this hit.
- Brad, Aurora, United States, 18.03.2007
Eazy iz da shit n so iz dre n every1 dat waz in nwa bt cube wrote dose lyricz boyz n da hood for ez NWA iz da shit peace nigga
- Tony, D-Town, United States, 16.03.2007
is it tribute or mockery though? why is D.Hack so funny? do we assume (very safely) it's not real life as we assume (unless y'all ran with NWA) for NWA? for my dollar Eazy is a punk, but NWA is without equal - for my ear? NWA has way better tunes than this, and the D.Hack version is simply a better song with the same kiiller lyric
- David, SF, United States, 01.03.2007
I can remember when the Original Boyz-n-The-Hood came out... talk about contraversial. Then i heard this how many years later and about wrecked my car from laughing so hard. I love the song, I think it's great. I'm just curious as to how some one goes "Hey I got an Idea, Lets Cover NWA's Boyz In The Hood, and do it like it would have been done in the 50's or 60's" Mush have been some good weed that night or something.
- Stan, Monroeville, United States, 27.02.2007
It's great to take something out there that already exists and add your own take and spice to it, but it can never be the origional. To NWA, this was a feeling, a passion, for dynamite hack it was just a song to sing
- mitch, boston, United States, 13.03.2006
One cannot dismiss the significance of eazy as far as influencing an entire genre-birth in rap. Of paramount importance is the fact that the voices of the forgotten and neglected children of de-industrialized LA got their interpretation of reality out. Funky, shocking and necessary-a small hint at what was coming if the mainstream(read white america) had paid any attention...LA it or leave it alone
- PZ, Raymunds Dam, Other, 22.02.2006
Eazy E put gangster rap on the map BEFORE Dre fed it to White suburbia. The historical significance alone should illustrate that good or bad, Eazy E's ballad of life in 'da hood' left a lasting impression. An inpression, mind you, that inspired Dynamite Hack.
- Fab V, Santa Clara, United States, 21.02.2006
Gangster rap is stale and pointless, but Dynamite Hack happily made this song refreshing with tongue-in-cheek humor.
- Jen, Boston, United States, 03.02.2006
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