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Against All Odds

In the early 80s Phil Collins came up with one of the most brilliant ballads ever written, the classic "Against all odds (Take a look at me now)". Very few tried to cover the song later, but so did Mariah Carey in 1999 as part of her "Rainbow"-Album. Both versions don't differ that much, but it's Mariah's Voice that gives the cover version a little more thrill and passion. Both versions were massive radio hit singles.

- Chris, Cologne, Germany, 10.01.2006

Mariah Carey


Phil Collins

CD-Cover: Mariah Carey - Rainbow 19.2 % 80.8 % CD-Cover: Phil Collins - Phil Collins Hits
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The Postal service cover is almost as terrible as Mariah's version.

Phil Collins is one of the UK's most prolific singer/song writer.

- Oscar, London, England, 26.03.2006
Forget Mariah Carey. What about the Postal Service version? It seems to me that was every bit as good as the Phil Collins version.

(Interesting bit of trivia: How many of you knew this song is originally from the motion picture soundtrack of a movie with the same name?)
- D5es, Long Beach, CA, United States, 04.02.2006
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