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Against All Odds

In the early 80s Phil Collins came up with one of the most brilliant ballads ever written, the classic "Against all odds (Take a look at me now)". Very few tried to cover the song later, but so did Mariah Carey in 1999 as part of her "Rainbow"-Album. Both versions don't differ that much, but it's Mariah's Voice that gives the cover version a little more thrill and passion. Both versions were massive radio hit singles.

- Chris, Cologne, Germany, 10.01.2006

Mariah Carey


Phil Collins

CD-Cover: Mariah Carey - Rainbow 19.2 % 80.8 % CD-Cover: Phil Collins - Phil Collins Hits
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Comments about Against All Odds:

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Mariah Carey is my favorite female singer and Phil Collins is my favorite male singer so I definitely don't have a bias but I love Phil's version better. I find it funny that my girl Mariah covers some of my favorite songs, now she's covered Foreigner's I want to Know What Love Is (I like their version better). Maybe I'm just so use to the originals but Mariah does her thing on both songs.
- PLP, Harrisburg, United States, 17.05.2010
it´s silly
- rerere, ererer, India, 01.08.2008
i agree with afterglow, how could the student be better then the teacher??? it just doesnt make sense, seeing as phil wrote the song it means his is the "perfect" one/best one and everyone else is just trying to see how close they can get to it.
- Joe, Somewhere, Czech Republic, 13.01.2008
Phil Collins got the heart, he feels what he sings, westlife and mariah are just trying to feel those feelings. Mariah and Westlife puts up a good good fight, but Phil Collins is victorious
- Tomi Joutsen, Södertälje, Sweden, 13.01.2008
Mariah has too high voice for this song, and btw it's Phil's song, he wrote it, so why this question anyway??? A student CAN'T be better than teacher, believe me... Can a priest be bigger than God??? No.... So Mariah can't be better than Phil when talking bout Against All Odds.... That's my opinion
- afterglow, Whatever, Croatia, 25.12.2007
The Postal Service version from the "Wicker Park" soundtrack is much better than either of these.
- Mike, Auburn, United States, 12.11.2007
Me, personally I like Mariah Carey's better. I Love Mariah, she sings it very well, and it ignites a sense of triumph when I hear it. (this is coming from a Phil Collins fan).
- 3zp3, Anchorage, England, 07.11.2007
I like both singing the song, although, I do prefer Mariah's version. Phil Collin's is perfect for Genesis, I just don't think he's perfect for this song:(
- Paul, London, England, 14.02.2007

mariah, put some clothes on!

Honestly, she screams too much on this song, she has to learn that screaming long enough and hard enough to get your tripes out of your mouth doe snot necessarily make a good song.

plus, i think it is a song that goes better for a man. It is more touching coming form a guy.
- Marlene, Southampton, England, 10.01.2007
You know, there are just some songs that should be under protection by the industry or an artist should have to submit their version to some sort of panel or board before it's released to make sure that they have done the song justice. I love Mariah but this was just wrong. I vote Phil.
- TheReal, Orlando, United States, 23.07.2006
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