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Fields of Gold

Only four years after the originally released single by sting, "Songbird" Eva Cassidy chose to cover this track, which was later released on her multi-platinum-selling album "Songbird" (a major U.K. Hit-Album). Reduced to the very minimum of Eva's voice, this version surely gives you creeps.

- Chris, Cologne, Germany, 10.01.2006

Eva Cassidy



CD-Cover: Eva Cassidy - Songbird 67.8 % 32.2 % CD-Cover: Sting - Fields of Gold
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Eva Cassidy 3817 Votes Sting

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Eva's version is one of the top three most pure songs the planet has ever known. Even Sting said that Eva reached a level of emotional movement that he hadn't. If you haven't heard this song, I guarantee that decades from now, you'll remember the first time you heard this song.
- Peter, Columbus, Ohio, United States, 02.01.2007
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