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Fields of Gold

Only four years after the originally released single by sting, "Songbird" Eva Cassidy chose to cover this track, which was later released on her multi-platinum-selling album "Songbird" (a major U.K. Hit-Album). Reduced to the very minimum of Eva's voice, this version surely gives you creeps.

- Chris, Cologne, Germany, 10.01.2006

Eva Cassidy



CD-Cover: Eva Cassidy - Songbird 67.9 % 32.1 % CD-Cover: Sting - Fields of Gold
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This is unquestionable one of my favorite songs. The lyrics written by Sting are beautiful. That said, I prefer Eva Cassidy's rendition. Her voice was so pure and full of emotion that I still cry each time I play this song.
- Michelle, Princeton, NJ, United States, 22.07.2010
Eva's control and phrasing is spell binding.
There are very few songs that will make a 50 year old hardened man cry....she can sing a certain word and I start crying. There's a connection in the vibrato, timing, attack, volumn of her voice that is beyond tangible earth. Also, I find it interesting her command of folk guitar. She will hesitate over a chord that is dissitant with the melody and bring it into perfect musical alignment. I wonder who wrote her guitar arrangements? I would guess her....most are "simple" and genius....the best type. Sting wrote a wonderful simple, moving tune with a classic beautiful melody. Eva translates it into the realm of heaven. I wish you peace in the arms of God Eva!!!!
- David Kennedy, Boynton Beach, United States, 10.05.2010
Eva Cassidy is the best singer I have ever heard. Living near where she was from I only regret that I found out about her only 3 years ago and never got to see and hear her live.
- Glenn, Rockville, MD, United States, 03.02.2010
They are both beautiful. I happened to hear Eva's version on one of the saddest mornings of my life, so it hit me in a different way than it ever had by either artist. But I've loved it since I first heard it by Sting. Her voice is extraordinary though. Not that his isn't. So, I'm torn I guess.
- Katrina, Clio, United States, 02.11.2009
Yes the original is beautiful for all the sentimental reasons, because Sting penned the lyrics himself. However, Eva’s version is the definition of a cover – as in she brings new depth with her soul-stirring vocals and mesmerising musical arrangement. Sting was quoted to have said that he felt ‘tearful’ when he first heard it (please don’t ask me for a reference because I can’t find it). Knowing that she died and never experienced the glory she deserved for her achievements, gives the song another level of emotion. For me this is quite a profound background to a song, making it a better version.
- Farah Jamaldin, London, England, 29.04.2009
Beautiful song either way, but I have to go for Eva.
Her version of this song takes what was fantastic about the original (beautiful and heartfelt melody, lyrics and imagery) and adds so much more. Sorry to say this to the sting fans that have posted here, but Eva has a better voice, no question. (Not to say that Sting isn't an amazing artist, it's just that Eva is one of the best singers of the last 100 years)
Also, being that the lyrics are extremely personal, the fact that this is reflected in the instrumentation of Eva's version is far more appropriate. One guitar, one voice, huge impact.

And as for "singing along with the backing music" as one person posted; do you realise that Eva wrote an original guitar arrangement for her version of "Fields Of Gold"? It's fine for you to prefer Sting's version, but at least be honest with yourself.

I doubt I will convince any die-hard Sting fans, ultimately it all comes down to personal opinion. However, Sting agrees with me!
- Michael, Swindon, England, 05.01.2009
This is silly: but I have to say Eva's version moves me in a way Sting's does not: but Viva Sting! what a great song - I do prefer his original lyrics - more sensual...
feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth
among the fields of gold...
- Stephen, Sydney, Australia, 17.12.2008
I can't believe people think Eva Cassidy has a better version of the song, yes, it is good. However if you just listen to Sting's sensational, original version it is absolutely amazing and is by far the best.
It's not just about how they sing the song, it's about Sting originally writing the beautiful, moving lyrics of the song.

Sting has my vote, and should blatently have everyone else's vote.

- Stuart Jefferies, Bangor, North Wales, Wales, 16.12.2008
Eva for the win, i love this song and i would have loved to hear her perform it live it would have been so beautiful
- Kat, =], England, 10.12.2008
sting, what can you say when he sings this song...

shit shit shit

eva cassidy rules ...... "when we walked in fields of gold"
- me, don't know, Australia, 06.10.2008
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