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Got the Time

Honestly? Anthrax took a really good stab at a great song -- but I just love the original too much. Sorry.

- Seajay, Richmond, United States, 04.02.2006



Joe Jackson

CD-Cover: Anthrax - Moshers 1986-1991 63.6 % 36.4 % CD-Cover: Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!
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Comments about Got the Time:

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I had high hopes here. I had never heard the Anthrax version before, but, I figured, if you are going to cover a song like "Got the Time" the only way to go is "Ever So Much More SO" -- i.e., for JJ is going 90MPH, the cover has to go 120MPH.

And I expected them to --- But no... As far as I can see, Anthrax's version seems to be the EXACT SAME TEMPO as the original. The only thing it adds is a muddy guitar track (which I count as a strike) and a slightly different vocal.
- James Curran, Bloomfield, NJ, United States, 20.12.2008
When I was in a band in the early 90's, we did a cover of the Anthrax version. I never even realized that we were doing a cover of a cover. I like both versions, but the Anthrax version sounds like the "right" one to me.
- BM, Rockford, United States, 02.11.2008
Never heard the Anthrax version before I found this page. Having now heard it, it's pretty cool but Joe Jackson was and is the original so my vote's for Joe.
- Kelster, Denver, CO, United States, 09.10.2008
Anthrax hands down. Thanks, Mr. Jackson, for writing it, but the original was way too slow.
- 'schak, Newmarket, England, 08.10.2008
You CANNOT beat Anthrax's version !
- 5T3FAN, Paris, France, 05.08.2008
I'm glad someone else wrote the song, but no one does it like Anthrax! It's tight, it's fast, it drives hard, a perfect fit for Scott and the boys! Anyone can make a good chocolate cake, but no one makes one better than my grandmother. Joe did good, Anthrax did better!
- Eric, Slickville, PA, United States, 06.08.2007
Considering the era, JJ's kicks ass, even though all this time I thought it was an Anthrax original. Anthrax did it justice!!
- Tanuki, Malaga, Spain, 02.08.2007
Joe Jackson's version is amazing. So many artists have claimed him as an influence. Kudos to Anthrax for doing this cover. Joe's version is as tight as it comes. Listen to the whole album for a lesson on how it's done.
- Joe, Ottawa, Canada, 23.07.2007
I have to go with the Joe Jackson version, though I think Anthrax does a truly fantastic (and faithful) cover. Heard the original back in high school (yeah, in the 80's) and it's been a favorite ever since.
- chazmodeus, Phoenix, United States, 03.02.2007
For over 15 years I thought that this was an Anthrax original.
- Super Dave, New Roads, LA, United States, 14.01.2007
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