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Got the Time

Honestly? Anthrax took a really good stab at a great song -- but I just love the original too much. Sorry.

- Seajay, Richmond, United States, 04.02.2006



Joe Jackson

CD-Cover: Anthrax - Moshers 1986-1991 63.6 % 36.4 % CD-Cover: Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!
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Comments about Got the Time:

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You gotta be kidding -- Original trumps the cover......Graham Maby RULED........
- Jig A Bou , Jessup, United States, 09.03.2011
The original is perfect..BUT! Anthrax's cover is 'double-perfect'. I can't use any other words but 'perfect' for the original but my vote goes to Anthrax!!
- Cesar, Funchal, Portugal, 06.03.2011
Wow, anyone who thinks the cover is better than the original is a total douche. Originality and authorship always beats mimicry and technical ability. And that goes for Yoyo Ma being able to play Mozart, too!
- Israel, Chula Vista, United States, 26.02.2011
I expected to like Anthrax better, but this is one case where the original proves true! Both are excellent, but I pick JOE!
- Kilroy, OKC, United States, 21.02.2011
Anthrax is far superior. They bring unique rhythmic chugs to the song. Too far great.
- Garnet Picard Hams, Hachoo, Malaysia, 13.10.2010
I just recently got into Joe Jackson and was surprised to hear this song! I recall Anthrax's version very well, but I have to say I like the original better. :)
- Moriah, North Hollywood, United States, 18.07.2010
I am in the metal scene since the late 70's but I am an open minded person. I knew this song long time before Anthrax covered it and I like it. Anthrax played it with a marvellous sense of humour and to be honest with the same feeling. I like them both. Thanks Anthrax.
- Erwan, Rennes, France, 04.07.2010
Like most I just found out that Anthrax was doing a cover! I just saw the video on Metal Mania on VH! Classic last Saturday. Then the other night VH1 Classic had a Joe Jackson concert from 1979. He finished the show with this one and it rocked. I have to say I like both in their own right. Why doesn't more bands find songs to cover and update like this one.
- Jimbo, Las Vegas,NV, United States, 22.05.2010
I heard the Anthrax version first but I love the orgiginal. Listen to the Live version from Live 80-86, it's even faster than the Anthrax version and the bassist goes nuts!
- Carl, Sacramento, United States, 20.01.2010
Both versions have their charms, and even though I heard the Anthrax version first, Joe Jackson's original gets the nod. Look Sharp is an absolute 5-star album -- all killer, no filler!
- AK, Baltimore, United States, 13.01.2010
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