Cover vs. Original

Maggie's Farm

RATM pulls explosive energy from this classic track. It forces you to deal with what is being said, there is no ignoring it.

- Adam Yauch, Fargo, United States, 04.02.2006

Rage against the machine


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: Rage against the machine - Renegades 47.7 % 52.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Greatest Hit's vol 2
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Rage against the machine 1566 Votes Bob Dylan

Comments about Maggie's Farm:

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I'm sorry rage. I love ya but we were also working on redoing Maggie's farm. Our version of the song rocks harder. Much Love Rage you guys rock.

DnS Alive,
- Shane, Portland, United States, 04.04.2007
Well said, Alex from Seattle.
- Dylan, College Park, United States, 13.02.2007
To me you have to take both songs and look at how they affected to world in their own time. Dylan's version can't be touch in my opinion. It's one thing to write a song and sing it, it's something completely different to cover it. That's why I think this is a dumb question. They are two completely different things. Why do we need to know or care which is "better." I think it would more worth our time to just agree that they both do the song justice.
- Alex Oliver, Seattle, United States, 31.01.2007
I voted for the RATM version. The Dylan Song is a great poetic song, but the problem I have with it, is Bob doesn't have the capacity to invoke the anger that should be behind a song like this. Its about laborers being abused and getting fed up with it... its something that if agree with it, you ought to be angry. I think that being upset with RATM for being to angry you must have missed the meaning or only enjoyed the song for the music, not the poetry of the lyrics. Dylan wrote some profound lyrics, and RATM, in this case, delivered them in a very appropriate fashion.
As far is it not capturing the spirit of the orginial, the lyrical cadance is almost exactly the same as Dylan's, and RATM stayed true to the meaning.

Imgaine it like Dylan wrote the poem, and pened it to paper when he recorded it, and now RATM has read the poem with the emotion and emphasis that Dylan's work deserves.
- Dylan, College Park, United States, 25.01.2007
One of the most imaginitive covers I've ever heard. Completely reworks the song and instead of using Dylans tried and tested folk sound they used a brand new style with some of Tom Morellos finest and novel guitar work.
Anyone who for one minute doubts the variety and intelligence in Rages lyrics has my pity. You've missed out on a true classic in RATM.
- Kazuya, Dublin, Ireland, 22.01.2007
I voted for Dylan on this one, and heres why. These kind of competitions overlook the whole point of a cover. A band like Rage covers Dylan (a great songwriter of our times) to pay tribute to the song, not to 1-up it. The rage version is an angrier version, and there should be anger in the song; just look at the subject matter. Both versions are great in their own respects. But back to the vote, I voted for dylan because he wrote the song, Rage just put it in a different voice.
- Jack Thompson, Toronto, Canada, 19.01.2007
I'm personally a bigger fan of Dylan's, but anyway there's also a great version by The Specials people should check out.
- Elston Gunn, New YOrk, United States, 11.01.2007
I think everyone can vote for who they want, but RATM is definitely the more modern and more popular band. They have lots of great songs and I reckon this is 1 of em
- Al Kyda, Baghdad, Iraq, 24.12.2006
whats the big f**ing deal bands do cover versions all the time just cause rages version is heasvy dont mean that it aint got the same meaning and as for rages lyrics you shuld listen to them as opposed to just generalising cause they are very political and meaningful(yes killing in the name does use the phrase f*uck oyu i wont do what you tell me over and over but th rest of there songs are very poetic and yes although anti government its just freedom of speech
- beardy, bmouth, England, 15.12.2006
First, let me start by saying I hate RATM. They are just too angry, and their music doesnt really appeal to me. So when I discovered they covered songs by such great artists like John Lennon and Bob Dylan, I was somewhat angry at the band. Dylans lyrics are so thoughtful, and RATMS lyrics, quite frankly, mainly consist of the words 'FU*K AUTHORITY!!! ARRRRRR!!!' With not much thought or poetry put into them, and on the other hand, Dylan with his pioneering of poetry in modern rock music. Overall, I am quite sad that my vote brought Mr. Dylans song up to fifty percent. What are you all thinking to vote for RATM?
- Ted McDougald, Brizzy, Australia, 30.09.2006
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