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Maggie's Farm

RATM pulls explosive energy from this classic track. It forces you to deal with what is being said, there is no ignoring it.

- Adam Yauch, Fargo, United States, 04.02.2006

Rage against the machine


Bob Dylan

CD-Cover: Rage against the machine - Renegades 47.7 % 52.3 % CD-Cover: Bob Dylan - Greatest Hit's vol 2
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Rage against the machine 1566 Votes Bob Dylan

Comments about Maggie's Farm:

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Thing is, you can't call the RATM song a cover really. They just took the lyrics and put it to a totally different tune. Even though I can't stand Dylan, I can't vote against him in this case because the context of the song makes so much more sense in his version. With the RATM version, while I loved the band, it's just another angry RATM song.
- Shayne, Melbourne, Australia, 05.09.2006
I'm pretty happy my vote just brought bobby D up - RATM is a good band but they were not meant to do this song - Sure they are "in your face" but bob dylan doesn't need to be in your face to be cool, and that's what makes him so cool. The upbeat older sounding country sound makes the song....
- Sean, Everywhere, United States, 08.08.2006
Bob Dylan's is much better. The music and just the way of approaching the song. Sure, RATM had more of an "in-your-face attitude" but Bob Dylan usually had this kind of subtle thing going on.
But then again, I hate RATM anyway...
- Saul Hudson, Beverly Hills, United States, 20.06.2006
Dylan is a classic, but the in-your-face attitude by Rage gives the listener the go-ahead to recognize a problem and then scream at and take action against the government until it produces the desired change!
- jesse hall, pueblo, CO, United States, 02.05.2006
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