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Bring the Pain

Mindless Self Indulgence basically destroys a classic Method Man track with schizophrenic delivery and aggressive production values. It's likely that some people will file both of these songs under "noise" but I really enjoy the MSI cover because frontman Jimmy Urine's completely insane vocalizations add a sense of graphic violence to the song that the orginal sorely lacked.

- Dave, Ann Arbor, United States, 06.02.2006

Mindless Self Indulgence


Method Man

CD-Cover: Mindless Self Indulgence - Tight 67.6 % 32.4 % CD-Cover: Method Man - Tical
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Mindless Self Indulgence 1264 Votes Method Man

Comments about Bring the Pain:

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Mindless Self Indulgence are punks,
Punks do whatever the fuck they want,
so i dont really think that they give a shit, nor MSI's audience whether method man likes iT or not...
of course hees not going to like iT,
theyre taking the piss out of him...

Jimmy Urine, has the most awesome singing voice on the planet at this moment in time, and i think the votes easily show this.

Dont reply i cant be fucked to answer you.
- Sam Shaw The 3rd, Derby, England, 21.10.2009
oh my god people! I love all kinds of music but if youre going to pick this version over method mans then i dont think you really understand the song or hip hop for that matter. its an attempt to be edgy and i can guarantee method man does not like this version. if youre going to make a cover then at least make the artist proud.
- isaiah, seattle, United States, 30.06.2009
I prefer Method Man's version, and this cover seems unnecessary. I find the use of the N word to boarder on offensive, and is certainly ironic. The novelty of hearing a white teen-angst band ( this is not me "showing how much I know" I am informed on the band and still decide to portray them as such) saying "nigga(er)" seems like it would only apeal to....well angsty-white teens such as the 15 year old from England. Anyone who has a fragment of a clue about the history of race relations in America would at least understand why the term is tabbo for whites to say, but not for blacks. Musically, I don't really care for this cover, but music is objective, so I'd be foolish to say one is better or worse.
- Jacob, Ann Arbor, MI, United States, 16.04.2009
Im telling you you are all morons Katie on the first page you should cencsor N*GGA beacause UNLIKE you SOME people find it offensive...If you dont like rap dont say its wack or rubbish, or if you dont like metal or rock dont say its wack either beacause at the end of the day PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARGUE YOUR CRAP OUT AND ALL WAYS THINK YOUR RIGHT AND CAUSE WARS then other people have to suffer for you LAME words..Back to the album...I think its ok but...why did they have to pick that exact song?? And yes they are white not black so why is it ok for them to say N*gger?
- Me, Birmingham, England, 01.01.2009
this the best song i ever listen to mm.still my top dog.i had a major stroke3 years ago,iwas a dj, hiphop change to much
- fred jr., chicago, United States, 07.12.2008
im gay
- igor djakovic, Belgrade, Serbia, 17.10.2008
im gay
- igor djakovic, Belgrade, Serbia, 17.10.2008
I love both rap and metal, and I have to admit that MSI's version of Bring the pain is way better.
- Jean, Montreal, Canada, 04.10.2008
Mindless Self Indulgence all the way motherfuckerrrrrs! Their music is empowering and liberating and needs more recognition for it's shear brilliance. Euringer really brings this song alive, and I think the fact that they can take a track from a completely different genre and make it their own and more importantly, make it work, just shows how musically talented they are as a group.
And as for you, Ryan from Chicago, get a life! So it's racist to use NIGGER (why censor it?) in the cover of a song, who's writer was black and was referring to his own people? I think if you're gonna use the word when talking to and about each other then you should expect nothing less from other people. It's hypocrasy in it's highest form. I can see this, and I'm fifteen for god's sake. Grow up! Also, calling a white person "white boy" or "whitey" makes you as bad as the people you condemn for saying nigger. Ha. Rant over : )
- Katie, Norwich, England, 15.08.2008
MSI are an insult to anyone who listens to their music. I'm serious, the sole purpose of their project is to show how they can get people to listen to the worst aural defication imaginable. The only reason they have made any halfway decent noise is because of acts like Method Man or Combichrist.
- Me, Salt Lake, United States, 05.08.2008
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