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Bring the Pain

Mindless Self Indulgence basically destroys a classic Method Man track with schizophrenic delivery and aggressive production values. It's likely that some people will file both of these songs under "noise" but I really enjoy the MSI cover because frontman Jimmy Urine's completely insane vocalizations add a sense of graphic violence to the song that the orginal sorely lacked.

- Dave, Ann Arbor, United States, 06.02.2006

Mindless Self Indulgence


Method Man

CD-Cover: Mindless Self Indulgence - Tight 67.6 % 32.4 % CD-Cover: Method Man - Tical
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Mindless Self Indulgence 1264 Votes Method Man

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-Me, Salt Lake, United States --- u have the best comment on this page.....u say "MSI are an insult to anyone who listens to their music. I'm serious, the sole purpose of their project is to show how they can get people to listen to the worst aural deification imaginable" and that is the reason i turn them on and get drunk i don't know about anyone eles, it is enjoying music, i laughed for about a half an hour when i read his comment i think i might print it out in case i ever get depressed.
- Ross, Waterford, United States, 22.01.2011
Method Man... more like Meth man
- John Picard, Star Trebeck, United States, 15.11.2010
You people are ridiculous!! a few of you, anyways. like jacob, isaiah, sam... thats it i guess, cuz im only going to read the first page of this. but yeah, you people are stupid!! when and how could a cover be considered 'unnecessary'? when is a cover ever necessary? when is music necessary? its for enjoyment. and anyone who can't appreciate when the genres can come together and show respect for eachother is just ignorant. everyone likes what they like, and what they were influenced to like by friends, family, and the particular society they are raised in. but objectively, all music is great, and an expression of feeling. to be open minded is to expand beyond your personal preference and hear different types for what they really are, not how you were influenced to see them. this cover is excellent, and as "Me" said, the two artists obviously agree on this and respect eachother.

Open your minds people!!
- Missy, Boulder, CO, United States, 04.10.2010
And FYI, they're not "taking the piss out on him" and he doesn't dislike it. If you don't know what someone has said nor can you quote it with a source, don't speak for them.

As far as I know, Method Man and MSI have been on stage together doing this song, so clearly there are no hard feelings. Considering that they have also done it at a Method Man show, his fans don't care either.
- Me, here, United States, 28.06.2010
I prefer the original.

As for the comments below, the difference between a black person using it and someone else using it is that it is used as a term of endearment. Go get a dictionary if you don't understand that.
- Me, here, United States, 28.06.2010
they can use the N word if they want. Method man wrote the lyrics, they are singing them. Who cares if he isn't black. Black people call each other niggers all the time. No matter the race that says it, it means the same thing. YOu cannot change the definition just by changing your color.

- mike, miami, United States, 09.04.2010
It's stupid to say that MSI fans don't like rap. I love Meshuggah, The Agony Scene, Slipknot, Metallica, Beethoven, Wu Tang, Eminem, RA The Rugged man, and yes...MSI.

And why is Jimmy using the N word? I dunno. But white portoricans can use it like Fat Joe, so I guess there's no real reason not to right? Don't get me wrong, I rather have it used by afro americans, but afro americans allow it to have it used by REALLY white looking guys like porto ricans. And that's something I really don't get. Or let EVERYONE use the word, or only black people. I think the last is the best. But....I am a huge Dre fan as well. And I sing along with his lyrics in the car, and so I use the N word as a caucasian. So it's really weird sometimes.... Any thoughts anyone?
- Björn, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 11.02.2010
It's a novelty cover, and that's all it is. MSI just has rabid fans who also don't like rap music. That's really all there is to it. In all reality, it's a bit like saying Pat Boone's cover of Crazy Train is better than the original.
- Joe, Philadelphia, United States, 12.01.2010
mindless self indulgence just have a market plan?
i dotn really see any logic to what you just said xD
they did the complete opposite actually you piece of shit
they refused to sign to a label, and this was released on their first album from when they only did gigs in NY xD

you fucking douschebag

iTz okay for them to say nigger because iTz a cover,
and changing iT from nigger to white trash would make iT sound stupid.

stop making excuses you fucking chavy pieces of shit

MSI > All Rap Music, especially Method Man
- Sam Shaw, Derbyshire, England, 21.10.2009
Mindless Self Indulgence are punks,
Punks do whatever the fuck they want,
so i dont really think that they give a shit, nor MSI's audience whether method man likes iT or not...
of course hees not going to like iT,
theyre taking the piss out of him...

Jimmy Urine, has the most awesome singing voice on the planet at this moment in time, and i think the votes easily show this.

Dont reply i cant be fucked to answer you.
- Sam Shaw The 3rd, Derby, England, 21.10.2009
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