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Paint it black

Strange but worth listening to.
I like both versions very much. The cover belongs to the better cover versions I think. Okay, I cannot wait to hear what you will have to tell.

- Six, NRW, Deutschland, 11.02.2006

Vanessa Carlton


Rolling Stones

CD-Cover: Vanessa Carlton - Be not Nobody 30.6 % 69.4 % CD-Cover: Rolling Stones - Aftermath
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Vanessa Carlton 1469 Votes Rolling Stones

Comments about Paint it black:

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How dare some poptart teen cover the Stones
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 13.03.2011
MOTHER GOOSE on DON'T BELIEVE IN FAIRYTALES(1979) was a very good version, shame it doesn't appear to be on CD anywhere.

- Rabbits62, Sydney, Australia, 03.01.2011
I completle IOVE the Vanessa Carlton version.It is the best song I have ever hear.It is so wonderful.They should have more CDs with that wonderful song on it.

PS. I might spell some words.
- Patrick, Marengo, United States, 26.01.2009
Im pretty sure Vanessa Carlton has never painted anything black in her life!
Four letters... W.A.S.P
- Declan, Sydney, Australia, 12.06.2008
I want speak with you vanessa by email here is my email
- k-lice, casablanca, Morocco, 23.05.2008
I want speak with you by email here is my email
- k-lice, casablanca, Morocco, 23.05.2008
I like Vanessa's better
- addy, lancaster, Denmark, 01.04.2008
The New Zealand group MOTHER GOOSE did a good version on there album DON'T BELIEVE IN FAIRYTALES(1979.
- FISHMAN, New Plymouth, New Zealand, 02.11.2007
Screw Judas Priest! The Stones rule!
- None of your buisiness, Tarana, Canada, 02.08.2007
Inkubus Sukkubus did a great pagan/goth rock version of this song.
- Emily, Lynchburg, Virginia, United States, 18.03.2007
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