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As cheesy as it can get... whichever version you prefer, it gets stuck in your head! When it comes down to the wire, the much more modern sound of Westlife's "Mandy" may have the upper hand, though both versions are truly classics.

- Chris, Cologne, Germany, 13.02.2006



Barry Manilow

CD-Cover: Westlife - Westlife 55.9 % 44.1 % CD-Cover: Barry Manilow - Ultimate Barry Manilow
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Comments about Mandy:

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westlife's version is better. who cares they covered it as long as they did a great job with it. westlife are the best.
- Amy, Roman, Romania, 27.07.2007
First of all, no one has ever heard of these Westlife people. Secondly, who in their right mind would cover this song?
- Roni, Laguna Hills, United States, 23.07.2007
westlife have to be the worst fucking band ever.. they killed the song, not that it was especially great to start off with.
- oli, newcastle, China, 13.07.2007
Berry is GAY!!!
i fuck him everyday!!
I swear!!!!
Westlife The best forever

Berry is the george bush's lover
...I swear it again!!!!
he is...My love
berry...I miss you when I'm dreaming

AND raise me up when you tell me that you love me
- Valentina, S.A, Canada, 07.07.2007
I love you Mark!!!
And i Swear...i will try to be a
better person just for you!!!
No more war!!!!
Viva chile mierda!!!!

- george bush, washington d.c, United States, 07.07.2007
The original song is Brandy from Scott English released in 1970.
- Diego, Quito, Other - South America, 23.06.2007
I've been loving West Life since i've been 13 and now i'm 19, You guys rock, seems like i have every album of yours, your music always keep me gooing, Coz when i need to vipe i play west life when i need to chill i play you, it makes fall in love even i do'nt want to, Infect West life makes me think of who i really am, love you guyz SBO KHUMALO
- Sbongiseni, Durban, United States, 22.06.2007
i love so much all songs about westlife singers and for this
song i could say that it is a bit good for me and i wish to them to continu again in this manner of working
For finishing i want to have all adress of westlife singers for begining convers with them .
I give them my
My best regard to them
- johnny, lubumbashi, Other, 15.06.2007
This is a mean sight! I'm really amazed by what people will stoop to. A song is still a song, but Barry's "Mandy" is the BEST. Westlake? Who are they?
- Kathy, Toledo, Ohio, United States, 12.06.2007
Manilow is the best no one tops him. All imitations are shallow in comparison.

Learn from the Master boys!
- Manifan, Anywhere USA, United States, 12.06.2007
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