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As cheesy as it can get... whichever version you prefer, it gets stuck in your head! When it comes down to the wire, the much more modern sound of Westlife's "Mandy" may have the upper hand, though both versions are truly classics.

- Chris, Cologne, Germany, 13.02.2006



Barry Manilow

CD-Cover: Westlife - Westlife 55.9 % 44.1 % CD-Cover: Barry Manilow - Ultimate Barry Manilow
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Westlife 1523 Votes Barry Manilow

Comments about Mandy:

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westlife the best...!!!
westlife is so much better!

- sara, lima, Saudi Arabia, 02.04.2007
i hate barry
westlife i love you!!!
- ANA, LISBOA, Iceland, 02.04.2007
- ANA, LISBOA, Iceland, 02.04.2007
- carla, lala, Chile, 02.04.2007
westlife the best...!!!
westlife is so much better!
barry sucks...and he is old!
- Vale, san antonio, Chile, 02.04.2007
There´s no comparission, Westlife sucks
- Tomás Mejía, Puebla, Mexico, 31.03.2007
Barry Is so much better!!!
- Bosco, Melborne Beach, United States, 06.01.2007
They're both crap. 'Nuff said, really.
- Shayne, Melbourne, Australia, 09.09.2006
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