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Baker Street

Foo Fighters lead kicks ass compared to the lame 70's sax solo it is replacing!

- Randy Myles, Ottawa, Canada, 16.02.2006

Foo Fighters


Gerry Rafferty

CD-Cover: Foo Fighters - My Hero 43.3 % 56.7 % CD-Cover: Gerry Rafferty - City to City
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Saying the Foo Fighters version is better is like saying Limp Bizkit's version of Behind Blue Eyes is better than The Who's version (and if you like Limp's version better then you have no taste in music). It's very rare a remake is better than the original.
- Matt, Dayton, United States, 06.08.2009
The original is definitely better. Distorting a guitar doesn't cut not being able to play a sax. The original is a soulful song, that like using a guitar to replace the sax solo in Foreiner's 'Urgent'. I actual like it when a group hacks a song badly, it makes me go out and buy the original.
- mark, metairie, United States, 25.07.2009
I love the foo fighters but they don't get this one. And "lame 70's sax solo" really? You have the right to not like sax music but dude, come on!

- Cujo, Seattle, United States, 03.12.2008
foo fighters poor version of this song.

The Sax it's better than the entire of foo ("foockers")group.

Foo = childs = SUCKERS! = "Original Theme PAPI"
- Cris, Santiago, Chile, 24.08.2008
this is an awesome song but i think the foos version is alot better but gerry rafferty did the origional so he needs some credit i suppose. there wouldn't be a foos version if it weren't for him.
- Rory, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 21.08.2008
foo fighters rulez! fuck the rest!
- Bazz, new york, United States, 06.03.2008
Gerry's version is so much better. Although I do like the Foo Fighters their version just sounds bad and muffled. Perhaps if they used a different sound on the guitar... or better yet, a saxophone! =D
- Tim, Malvern, England, 24.02.2008
The Gerry Rafferty original is a genuine work of art, however, the Foo Fighters version gives it an undeniable modern twist that rock fans can't go without
- Benson, New York, United States, 03.01.2008
Gerry Rafferty is the best.
- George, Athens, Greece, 07.12.2007
Foo Fighters are my passion, so I have to say he they did the way better job here. The Sax sux!
- Meg, Reno, United States, 10.11.2007
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