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Baker Street

Foo Fighters lead kicks ass compared to the lame 70's sax solo it is replacing!

- Randy Myles, Ottawa, Canada, 16.02.2006

Foo Fighters


Gerry Rafferty

CD-Cover: Foo Fighters - My Hero 43.3 % 56.7 % CD-Cover: Gerry Rafferty - City to City
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Comments about Baker Street:

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Great cover, beautiful solo work.
- Daisjun, Sydney, Australia, 26.10.2007
The Foo Fighters did a fine job but nowhere near as good as the original. "Lame ass sax solo?" I can tell I'm the oldest person here. Which one will still be heard 30 years from now? Yep, Gerry Rafferty!

- Sully, Soul Patch, United States, 27.08.2007
Foos version is one of their best covers. Their version simply rocks.
- Alex, Athens, Greece, 18.03.2007
This song is great to begin with, but Foo makes this song rip w/o sax
- Chuck, New Orleans, United States, 28.02.2007
I loved Gerry Rafferty's song way back, when I first heard it on the radio as a kid. However, Foo Fighters lend an edgy sound that makes me love the song even more.
- Rachael, Milwaukee, United States, 20.02.2007
I am a big fan of covers done well...U2 covering All Along the Watchtower does NOT count as a cover done well...Jimi's version DOES. Metallica covering Turn the Page kicks butt. And like this version of Baker Street, taking the song to a place it hasn't been before is the whole point of doing it. Both the original and the cover kick ass...they're just different flavors of the treat. Delicious.
- Jim, Phoenix, United States, 21.01.2007
The original is usually the best, eventhough the Foo Fighters did a top notch job! Saxophone > guitar
- Dave, Mobile, United States, 11.01.2007
Love both, but i have an inbuilt hatred of all thing sax. great riff, the electric version does it for me
- nicko, brisbane, Australia, 05.05.2006
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