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I Will Survive

Cake's version of this oft karaoked song slows it down and puts a bit of rock into it.

- temujin71, Colorado Springs, CO, United States, 04.03.2006



Gloria Gaynor

CD-Cover: Cake - Fashion Nugget 55.5 % 44.5 % CD-Cover: Gloria Gaynor - Greatest Hits
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Comments about I Will Survive:

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For me Gloria Gaynor's version is superior. It has this great energy. The Cake one is funny the first time you hear it but then gets really boring...

btw I hated the Robbie version :-S
- Judith, Leiden, Netherlands, 24.11.2006
I just can't swallow Cake's style, sounds like crap to me. I don't think it would be hard to make a good cover of this song, but cake's surely isn't it.
Consider looking into Robbie William's Love Supreme, he changes the lyrics but is the exact same song.
- JA, Chicago, United States, 25.08.2006
Gloria version ---> better !!!
- Kika, Geneva, Switzerland, 22.08.2006
Call me old fashioned but I much prefer Gloria Gaynor version.
- Terry, Ottawa, Canada, 17.08.2006
Hey alright - American politics from Iraq - The same ones that got you there...good job. Cake's is better
- Sean, Everywhere, United States, 08.08.2006
fuck off an slit your throat doug
- f, off, Iraq, 30.07.2006
The cake version soooo kicks ass of the other if for no other reason than it's NOT disco, but it's also much less pretentious and snottier, and it's played with a fun attitude the other couldn't possibly muster.
- Douglas, Gahanna, United States, 25.04.2006
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