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I Will Survive

Cake's version of this oft karaoked song slows it down and puts a bit of rock into it.

- temujin71, Colorado Springs, CO, United States, 04.03.2006



Gloria Gaynor

CD-Cover: Cake - Fashion Nugget 55.5 % 44.5 % CD-Cover: Gloria Gaynor - Greatest Hits
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Comments about I Will Survive:

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The original is better. Cake's arrangement is cool, but this is a song about empowerment, and John McCrea sounds lazy in Cake's version.
- Ian, Philadelphia, United States, 29.11.2010
I think this is the first time I have ever heard a crap song that was made into a good version by its cover. This had always been a pathetic drag queen song until Cake took it and turned it into something awesome, and bitey.
- Imogen, Sydney, Australia, 27.10.2010
Cake wins - if only because of the awesome instrumental at the end of the song.
- JG, Modiin, Israel, 23.02.2010
the cake version is funny but the original has more meaning to the lyrics
- jayden, NYC, United States, 22.10.2008
for those non-CAKE-knowing bitches in here, I'd just like to say that Cake's version is very original. Great bassline, lead and trumpet. Have you heard most of the covers today? What they do is just add distortion and they change the singing to shouting and that's it. Cake did something very different with this song, and it had always been John Mccrea's technique to sound boring. This for me is a matter of preference , but musically speaking, he creates some of the prettiest melodies. Have you guys heard the songs "the distance" and "love you madly?".. Try to tell me if they're boring at all. They're songs are very different and if you're a good musician then you'd learn to appreciate how these guys play and create music. Just like in this song, they added a bit of creativity by making it sound a bit more funkier and slower, I can't believe how underrated cake is nowadays. People listen to boy bands and stupid pop artists but fail to appreciate good bands when they see one.
- mohamed etits, KANTUTAN, Iraq, 04.08.2008
Cake is ALWAYS boring. 3-note singing, usually. What a terrible thing to do to the word "cake!"
- Kelly, Omaha, United States, 21.03.2008
Cake's version is much more interesting to listen to musically. The bass is simple but outstanding in their version. Original is musically boring - although the energy is outstanding and it is always fun to dance to.
- Adam, Denver, United States, 28.02.2008
CAKE, how can you survive when you sound so lazy singing the song? musical brilliance notwithstanding, you SUCK!
- Mr. Kent, Jakarta, Indonesia, 21.12.2007
I remember the firast time i heard the cake version: i pulled the car over to fully take in the brilliance! His amazing sense of timing is unmatchable... what is hillarious is to hear cover band do a version of survive, and attempt to do the Cake one - totally destroying the offbeat way it was reworked and oblivious to the ORIGINALITY of the cake cover!
- Misterpig, Sydney, Australia, 19.08.2007
Gloria Gaynor's vocals certainly have more passion and feeling (matching the lyrics) than John McCrea does for Cake. That being said, I voted for Cake, because the musical instrumentation kicks ass. And as a Sacramentan I'm very biased...
- Dave C, Sacramento, California, United States, 24.03.2007
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