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Feeling Good

The Nina Simone version is awesome, but Muse overtops it - not only because of Matt's incredible way of singing but also by the perfect exertion of musical contrasts.

The Michael Bubblee version is a crap compared to the aboves!

- Stefan, Mannheim, Deutschland, 06.03.2006



Nina Simone

CD-Cover: Muse - Muse - Feeling Good 64.3 % 35.7 % CD-Cover: Nina Simone - I Put a Spell on You
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Comments about Feeling Good:

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The thing that makes Nina Simone's version better is that when you listen to it, you can tell that she's "feeling good" after a long time of feeling bad. It's not simply that she's feeling good, it's that she's *finally* feeling good. She's relishing feeling good. Muse seems to feel good all the damn time, and so it's not as powerful.
- Emily, Washington, DC, United States, 28.02.2008
I agree to the quote on the top of page.
I really think that Muse did it great.
I'm not trying to underestimate Nina's
original version or her voice, but if I
compare their voices I think Matt's has
a more potential vocal...
No offense to anybody else who likes Nina's
version better, this is just my honest
- Ines, Split, Croatia, 15.02.2008
Muse FN Rox and that's all that needs to be said. Nina's version *blah*
- Summer, Charleston, United States, 14.02.2008
Muse is a pretentious whiny boy band that pretends it has soul; nina simone = legend
- Roxanne, Yeovil, England, 13.01.2008
As much as I do love Muse, and their version is absolutely fantastic and I could listen to it over and over without a doubt. It has to be said that Nina's version cannot be bettered in my eyes and will always remain one of my all time favourite songs.
So folks its got to be Nina!
- Natuley, Leeds, England, 29.12.2007
Muse sounds more like they're "Feeling Castrated" than anything on this track. Love them, but still... come on. Can't touch Nina Simone.
- Brian Otano, Brooklyn, United States, 07.11.2007
Muse's version is way better, there's nothing to discuss, Matt's voice is incredible and his way of singing touches me more than Nina's does.
Muse completes the song
- Martin, Silkeborg, Denmark, 05.07.2007
I voted for the Muse version as well. It was a very, very hard choice, however. I agree that Nina's voice is an instrument and solo-band in itself, but loving rock and muse as much as I do and adding the overdone intro by Nina, I chose Muse.

By the way: Could anybody please tell me any other versions you know of besides Michael Bubblee's? Thanks!
- Jesper, Tianjin, China, 25.04.2007
The Muse version is really good, on a song that you have to be brave just to attempt. It has to be Nina though - she's maybe my favourite singer of all time, I can't think of any of her songs where anyone else has bettered her version.
- Adam, Glasgow, Scotland, 10.04.2007
I agree that those two songs are totally uncomparable. The style is totally different, but both are really fantastic. Nina Simone has a really powerfull, deep and beautiful voice, but the Muse interpretation of this song is really interesting. I voted for Muse just because they are my favourite band.

I really don't understand what do you mean. I don't think that there is more marketing in Muse than in Nina Simone's music..
- Jerremy, Warsaw, Poland, 16.03.2007
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