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Feeling Good

The Nina Simone version is awesome, but Muse overtops it - not only because of Matt's incredible way of singing but also by the perfect exertion of musical contrasts.

The Michael Bubblee version is a crap compared to the aboves!

- Stefan, Mannheim, Deutschland, 06.03.2006



Nina Simone

CD-Cover: Muse - Muse - Feeling Good 64.3 % 35.7 % CD-Cover: Nina Simone - I Put a Spell on You
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Comments about Feeling Good:

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Well sincerely both versions are awesome! but you should listen to that of Asa too! It's really damn good!
- Jean-Luc, Port-Louis, Other - Africa, 29.12.2010
I prefer the Muse version but Nina Simone has a really beautiful voice !
- Anaïs, Clermont Ferrand, France, 08.12.2010
BOTH!!! Each one in its time, cannot make that decision. The song itself is great, will always be a favourite. The original version is not from Nina Simone according to wikipedia
But those two are the best versions.
- claudia, sydney, Australia, 29.04.2010
MUSE are my favourite band,feeling good is by muse more alive than nina's, I am gonna see muse live @ webley...cant wait
- Hayleigh, LONDON, England, 05.03.2010
Don't particulary care for this song, but Muse is better.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
Nina Simone's cover is great, but I have to go with Muse! First time I heard Muse's version was on the coffee ad, and I just had to know who it was by. It's beautiful live too - a Muse gig isn't complete without it (megaphone and all). Muse make my heart sing.
- Anon, London, England, 01.01.2010
Listening to the Nina Simone version, you can FEEL the words. You experience the song. I do like the Muse version and was entertained but when you listen to Nina's voice you get the feeling that she is truly Feeling Good, like some kind of weight has been lifted and everything will alrite from here on out.
- Marie, Moseley, VA, United States, 08.06.2009
I am in shock that so many people prefer the Muse version. It is very good but Nina Simone can never be beaten or even equalled. The strength and tenderness in her unusually low, soulful voice is absolutely incredible.
- Mark, Camberley, England, 30.05.2009
Matthew Bellamy is one of the most creative musician and singer...I've seen him performing 3 years ago and his voice has shown me all his soul...There's something magic in his voice, something which makes MUSE one of my favourite band...
- FraIII, Milano, Italy, 12.05.2009
First, I can't stress enough that it isn't Nina Symone's original song either. They're both covers. Regardless, Muse's version is the best. For a contemporary three-piece rock band to cover this classic with just a keyboard, bass guitar and drums is both brave and intriguing. Listen to Matt Bellamy's wah-wah pedal when they play it live - jazzy! And the megaphone in the third verse - who could've thought that up? Its because of Muse that this song has reached a younger, contemporary audience. A brilliant prog-rock cover version.
- Sam, Melbourne, Australia, 02.05.2009
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