Cover vs. Original

Just Like Heaven

Dinosaur Jr don't so much cover as kick the hell out of it.

- laurence, london, England, 16.03.2006

Dinosaur Jr.


The Cure

CD-Cover: Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven 51.7 % 48.3 % CD-Cover: The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
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Dinosaur Jr. 1004 Votes The Cure

Comments about Just Like Heaven:

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The best cover of this music that I know.
- Washington, Teresina, Brazil, 23.10.2007
Well, I like the Dinosaur Jr. one better, and believe me when I say that I love the Cure a lot. The guitar part alone is better.
- Serban, Focsani, Romania, 11.06.2007
One of my favorite songs and Disosaur Jr. isn't even getting close. I even had to try to listen on iTunes and Amazon both to see if there was something wrong with the song, but it was simply that bad.
- Christian, Malmö, Sweden, 30.03.2007
The Cure are my favourite band and JLH is my favourite song, but I really like the Dinosaur Jr cover. I gave my vote to the Cure because, well, they wrote it. Pure genius.
- Mitch, Bangkok, Thailand, 19.03.2007
Dinosaur Jr. is an amazing band! Their version is tons better than The Cure's original...there's no doubt about it whatsoever.
- Jadranka, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 22.02.2007
The Cure all the way. I don't understand how anyone could even say that the Dinosaur Jr. version comes anywhere close to the original. This song is a classic and it would take one amazing band to do a half decent cover of this. I have heard other covers, like for example, AFI, I am a huge AFI fan and love the cover version, but it's still just not THE CURE!
- Sara, Ottawa, Canada, 12.12.2006
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