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Just Like Heaven

Dinosaur Jr don't so much cover as kick the hell out of it.

- laurence, london, England, 16.03.2006

Dinosaur Jr.


The Cure

CD-Cover: Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven 51.7 % 48.3 % CD-Cover: The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
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Dinosaur Jr. 1004 Votes The Cure

Comments about Just Like Heaven:

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Dinosaur Jr's version is tons better. The Cure's original is great, but like said above, is only synth. Too glam-y.

And AFI sucks.

- Justin Starbuck, Port Huron, MI, United States, 26.05.2009
I love both versions and this is probably the closest cover on this site pour moi. I dont know why people are aggrandising the cure this much. Come on you old, smackhead cure fans, it Lou, j AND Murph, its not like RHCP covering Stevie Wonder or Fred Durst coering the who. Dinosaur Jr are more than worthy of covering this song.
- Eddie, Chepstow, Wales, 22.05.2009
J totally rips it!! who cares if he's got a bit of middle life spread these days, he can wield an axe and scrawl better than anyone!!! (and I am a cure fan also btw)
- K, Glagow, Scotland, 28.02.2009
J Mascis is amazing and pretty much ever song off his guitar is great, this is an interesting cover with much deserved respect. However, the only logical conclusion is that DJ's cover of the song lacks the subtleties of the original, which make the original pretty great. The original is a little over produced, but man the song is damn near perfect.
- Mark R, Seattle, United States, 21.01.2009
There's some idiocy on display here, Dinosaur Jr. by a huge amount, I like The Cure but 'Just Like Heaven' is weak, synthy nonsense, not as infectious as the cover or a real Cure masterwork like say; 'Close To Me'
- jake, Stow, England, 03.09.2008
Oh jesus, you're kidding? I'm so sick of The Cure covers, but I'm open minded and acceptant of their existence. When someone does something so well but sings so off-mainstream it has to provoke a billion covers, but that cover? %40 of you actually thought it was better? Blows my mind. I'll never understand mainstream tastes. They destroyed that song. It was worse than when the Dixie Chicks redid Landslide.
- Me, Salt Lake, United States, 05.08.2008
No Cure song should EVER be covered.

(Disintegraton) is the best album ever! - Eric Cartman
- matt alganes, quezon city, Other, 27.06.2008
I had no idea it was a Cure song for the first year or so in 91.
- Ross, NYC, United States, 15.05.2008
I'm sorry, but you just don't cover The Cure.
It's something that just shouldn't be done.
- Kris Martinez, Honolulu, United States, 30.04.2008
The Goldfinger cover is much better than Dino Jr's croaking but neithr compare to the original by The Cure.
- Brando, WDC, United States, 26.10.2007
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