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Billie Jean

2 famous versions! But the Bates-version simply rocks much better!

- koepy, Rees, Deutschland, 22.03.2006

The Bates


Michael Jackson

CD-Cover: The Bates - Pleasure and Pain 36.6 % 63.4 % CD-Cover: Michael Jackson - Thriller
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The Bates 2359 Votes Michael Jackson

Comments about Billie Jean:

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I prefer Chris Cornell's version. :-P
- Dave, Manchester, England, 25.04.2007
The cover is a okay rock song thanks to the song itself. But it is not anything more and where is the engine in the song, the bassmelody? The beautiful thing with this song is the originallity in Jackson's version. The cover is dull and boring compared to the original. Like reading the morning newspaper instead of singing the lyrics. Just a little twist like strings or brass would have done the cover thousand times better. Even I could do a more interesting cover of this song, even in a marchingband setting.
- Anders, Kristianstad, Sweden, 15.01.2007
I always thought Michael Jackson's ''billie jean'' lacks's ey bit boring actually. The rock version sounds much better, much more expressive,...Michael Jackson is just not convincing
- anja, Siret, Romania, 23.11.2006
This cover is very good, more rock n' roll than the original.
- Seb, Paris, France, 03.11.2006
the cover version is brilliant the first making of it it rubbish michael jackson made it much better no matta wot eny 1 ses coz it is true!!! my favirite music is old skool they r the best songs goin no lie they r f***ing brilliant!!!
- bobby, london, United States, 22.06.2006
The cover version completely sucks, & the song sounds totally wrong redone in a heavy metal style. I've always hated heavy metal music, & I especially loathe electric guitars in heavy metal songs. My favorite type of music is disco (any type of dance music, or what I refer to as party music. I love synthesizers is music. They give songs a unique style and sound. Since I love to dance, I voting for the Michael Jackson version.
- Samantha, St. Charles, United States, 19.04.2006
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