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Billie Jean

2 famous versions! But the Bates-version simply rocks much better!

- koepy, Rees, Deutschland, 22.03.2006

The Bates


Michael Jackson

CD-Cover: The Bates - Pleasure and Pain 36.6 % 63.4 % CD-Cover: Michael Jackson - Thriller
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The Bates 2365 Votes Michael Jackson

Comments about Billie Jean:

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I agree, Michael's version is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY better!!!!!!!!!
- Diana, New York, United States, 21.11.2010
- auri, vienna, Austria, 03.04.2010
Michael's Billie Jean is so much better! <3

- Agi, Vienna, Austria, 02.04.2010
I promise that onbody could cover this song better than Michael.
- Jun Chen, Shanghai, China, 05.08.2009
michael jackson es mejor
- laura, barcelona, Paraguay, 15.07.2009
Michael Jackson duh!
- jess, NY, United States, 16.05.2009
I like both but the original is better
- BOBBIE, HELL, Korea - North, 09.02.2009
ca sé du bon son ya rien na dire les jackson sont les meilleurs
- thibo france, duty 62 (arras), France, 26.09.2008
The original is, by far, the best version.
- Fab, Montreal, Canada, 01.07.2008
After seeing this, I am convinced that the makers of this site are absolute idiots and have some sort of stupid bias against Michael Jackson. First you say AAF's Smooth Criminal is better, and now... BILLIE JEAN is better done by The Bates according to whoever made this page? BILLIE JEAN?! BILLIE JEAN...?

FUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOU. From the bottom of my heart.

Thank God the original version is winning the poll.
- Sid, Oak Creek, United States, 05.05.2008
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