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Bridge Over Troubled Water

The creaking, melodic sound of Simon and Garfunkel against the base voice of Johnny Cash. He reactivates the melancholy of this song totally different.

- Christian, NRW, Deutschland, 23.03.2006

Johnny Cash


Simon and Garfunkel

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around 43.5 % 56.5 % CD-Cover: Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge over Troubled Water
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Comments about Bridge Over Troubled Water:

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Great version. I prefer it to S&G because of the state of mind and physical health that Johnny Cash was in when he recorded this song; he lends it so much more authenticity and a sort of stark, unproduced truth. Fiona's background harmony is absolutely breathtaking. The efficacy of this track is outstanding.
- Matt, Tempe, United States, 14.12.2006
The Cash version is great. It seems that every song on this album was written for him and he sings each one from his heart. But S & G just edge him on this one. It's close.
- Tom, Toronto, Canada, 05.09.2006
I prefer the Willie Nelson version of "Bridge over Troubled Waters"
- Peter, San Francisco, United States, 07.08.2006
you can tell cash was almost dead when he sang this.
- Colin, New York, United States, 01.08.2006
I think Johnny missed on this one. I know he was at the end of his life and ill when he did this but he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth and cat sand in his throat. Fionna sounds like a second rate hack studio backup singer, not like she is anything better!!
- Danny Boy-o, La Jolla, United States, 12.07.2006
Johnny Cash wins for me, simply because of the timing of the release of his song - the song took on such a new meaning to me hearing it at the end of his life. And Fiona Apple's background vocals were extraordinary - some people didn't seem to care for them, but the juxtaposition of young and old, female and male, clear and gravely was superb! I agree with Paul Simon though, Aretha's version is still the definitive version of this song!
- Matt, Los Angeles, United States, 11.07.2006
When he sang this in concert Simon used to apologize for the way he sang it, saying "Artie and Aretha Franklin did the definitive versions of this anyway."
- Sam, Louisville, United States, 15.05.2006
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