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Bridge Over Troubled Water

The creaking, melodic sound of Simon and Garfunkel against the base voice of Johnny Cash. He reactivates the melancholy of this song totally different.

- Christian, NRW, Deutschland, 23.03.2006

Johnny Cash


Simon and Garfunkel

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around 43.5 % 56.5 % CD-Cover: Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge over Troubled Water
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Comments about Bridge Over Troubled Water:

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Sorry S&G, I have to stay loyal to my man. Johnny adds a raw emotional tone that nails the lyrics for me. God Bless Johnny Cash!
- Nikki, San Diego, United States, 15.06.2010
Nick from Sydney and Tom, from Toronto hit the nail on the head. Those songs just seem like they were made for Cash.
- Ethan, Stillwater, United States, 09.06.2009
The Johnny cash takes it hands down for me. The original is good but Johnny Cash has a way of taking the lyric and making it so much more meaningful and from the heart. I agree with Tom from Toronto, his entire collection of "The American" seems like it was written for him, and is so powerful.

Bon Jovi also does quite a good cover but none come close to Elvis' cover. That is true music and i believe the best Elvis ever sounded
- Nick, Sydney, Australia, 07.10.2008
Even Paul Simon thinks Elvis Presley recorded the definitive version of this one. But out of these two I have to pick the original. One of my alltime favorite songs.
- Peter, Mildura, Australia, 22.06.2008
WILLIE NELSONS VERSION? Get Real! I never really like S&G thought Paul Simon was amazing solo but Art Garfunkel just bugs me. I like Cashs version. There are also numerous live performances of Simon without Garfunkel I prefer
- Jim, Rome, United States, 19.01.2008
Who the hell is that lady singing with Johny Cash? She cannot sing at all.
- Olga, Pilsen, Denmark, 27.08.2007
"..definitly not one of S&G's better songs.." are you fucking kidding me?
- Anton, Chc, New Zealand, 12.08.2007
What about Elvis presley vs Simon and Garnfunkel
- David Gill, Brisbane, Australia, 13.06.2007
what about elvis presley vs simon and garnfunkel
- David Gill, Brisbane, Australia, 13.06.2007
S&G's version is better, it is flying like a butterfly in the room but the cover is to heavy and drags the melody down, not even as powerful it has to be to lift it. But this is definitly not one of S&G's better songs. And not nearly one of Cash's either.
- Anders, Kristianstad, Sweden, 15.01.2007
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