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Groove Coverage should be put in prison for such an acustic cruelty they did with their cover version of Poison!

- Marty Lang, WildWestAllgäu, Deutschland, 05.12.2006

Groove Coverage


Alice Cooper

CD-Cover: Groove Coverage - Poison 46.6 % 53.4 % CD-Cover: Alice Cooper - Trash
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Comments about Poison:

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Who the fuck are those disco freaks?
- melory, brno, Czech Republic, 03.10.2010
Groove Coverage cover sucks, Alice Cooper Rules-
- Fuck You, YOUR MOTHER, Other, 28.12.2009
The Groove Coverage version is better because it has one of the coolest music videos in the history of awesome. But in all seriousness, everybody knows that pop music reaches a larger audience than hair metal. And you have to be crazy to deny that the pop version is anything less than bearable.
- Sam, Austin, Tx, United States, 15.10.2009
Hwo the hell are those guys. Never heard of them. Two nobody better rated than a perfect original song????? What is wrong with you people??? Cat ate your ... ears?
- Myself, Dundee, Scotland, 19.09.2009
What's up with everyone saying they hate Alice Cooper? What the heck, you idiots? You wouldn't know good music if it hit you in the face.
- Versa Nollins, New York City, United States, 12.08.2009
Isnt it easy? You take a great song and let a useless bitch sing it and drop all the instruments( quite heavy to play guitar isnt it?). Then add a shitty keyboard sound and you will find enough assholes to buy this piece of garbage. What ever happened to the human race?
- Thomas, ´Wiener Neustadt, Austria, 12.05.2009
The Poison's cover is better, because i don't like alice cooper since i meet a woman from Mallorca who broke my heart, this is the reason i prefer Poison style, jajaja

Viva Ñu!
- Agustín_Juglar, MURCIA, Spain, 05.05.2009
OMFG! What the hell is wrong with those guys?!
Definitly is the worst cover of Alice i've ever herad!!
Who told them they were able to make music ><!

- Kim, Mexico city, Mexico, 19.03.2009
i love this song
- jagga, s.veit, Austria, 17.03.2009
All of Alice Cooper's songs would sound better if covered by another band. Same with all the other shock rockers.
- Keegan, Ontario, Canada, 19.02.2009
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