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Blinded By the Light

Talk about DIFFERENT! The Springsteen version is all about the goofy rhymes, but the Marfred Mann version is about interesting music. While the former is clever, and interesting for the lyrics, my nod is to the latter.

- Douglas, Gahanna, United States, 22.04.2007

Manfred Mann's Earth Band


Bruce Springsteen

CD-Cover: Manfred Mann's Earth Band - The Best of Manfred Mann's Earth Band 52.5 % 47.5 % CD-Cover: Bruce Springsteen - Greetings from Asbury Park NJ
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Comments about Blinded By the Light:

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Manny screwed it up when he said "douche" and it actually made it onto the album. If it was only a mispronunciation, aren't these things rerecorded somewhere along the line? Didn't someone say, "Hey, let's punch into this "douche" line and get the right words in"? I like Bruce's music on this one better too. It's got a real quirky frantic pace to it that fits the weird lyrics.
- Imp, Madison, United States, 06.08.2008

I grew up in the 70's listening to Manfreds crap version and never realized just how bad of a cover it was until I heard the original in 1987..... Hey Mannfred Mannmorons - Bruce wrote it AND recorded it first -get your facts straight - His version - the only version!!- has more sole and rocks more than that dreadful, synthesized, oversaturated hatchet job - Manfred version ever could

- Joe C, Camp Hill, PA, United States, 09.07.2008
Bruce sucks and Manfred rocks. Manfred took a somewhat sucky folk song and turned it into a progressive rock wonder! Bruce is entirely overrated and has one of the most horrible voices in the entire world!
- Manfred Fan, Owensboro, United States, 18.06.2008
First of all, Bruce's version came out first. Second, it is the far superior song, and whoever thinks that Bruce can't sing should know that the are a cultually illiterate fool and should not comment on things he does not understand.
- John, Detroit, United States, 21.05.2008
You guys are NITS Bruce's wrote a great song, but his singing sucks ass!! He is such a libtard I wish he would die slowly of cancer!
- Rob, Washington DC, United States, 17.05.2008
There is simply no contest. Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ is Springsteen's greatest album, and Blinded by the Light is the perfect opening. Manfred Mann can take his Earth Band and shove it.
- Mile, Madison, United States, 14.05.2008
Mannfred Mann's version of this song sucks, it is probably the worst cover of a song in history, I don't care that it was a bigger hit. Springsteen's version has soul and wit and passion, just like all of his music. MM's version, well, it sucks. And I still don't get the douche reference. What the hell does that mean anyway? How does a douche get cut loose or revved up(depending on what version you are referencing)? And I really hate the Mannfred Mann stole the soul out of every song they covered, what this band did to Quinn the Eskimo is a felony in many states. And did tghis bacd ever write a song of their own? Seriously, this was a cover band that made it way bigger than they ever deserved.
- William Bopp, Austin TX, United States, 05.05.2008
Even though this song is written by The Boss, the earlier and better version is by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
- Wächter der Nacht, Lübeck, Germany, 21.02.2008
I know I'm going to sound really ignorant but is there a difference between Mannfred Mann and Mannfred Manns Earth Band?
- Jim, Rome, United States, 18.01.2008
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